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Hurricane Preparedness in Norristown

8/22/2023 (Permalink)

<img src =”hurricane-prep.jpg” alt = "Hurricane Preparedness”> Learn more about hurricane preparedness.

Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricanes can cause significant damage to our area in the form of flooding, power outages and structural damage. Hurricane season runs from June through November, so it is important to remember to be safe and follow the proper safety procedures for when a severe storm strikes!

  • Follow your local news sources for updates on the storm’s path and when to evacuate.
  • Create a first aid kit and emergency plan for your family or business. It is best to be prepared for severe weather or power outages with items such as flashlights, non-perishable food and bottled water.
  • Inspect your property for signs of damage both before and after a storm. Missing roof tiles or loose gutters are two examples of structural components that can cause a larger problem in the event of high winds.
  • Be aware of flooding and other risks including downed wires. Do not attempt to drive near these areas.
  • To prepare more drastically for hurricane damage, storm shutters can be installed.
  • If a storm does occur, stay clear of the windows and move to the lowest possible room.

In the event of storm damage, it is critical to act quickly for both your safety as well as the structural stability of your property. SERVPRO of Norristown provides emergency storm damage services for when hurricanes, tornadoes or thunderstorms hit our area. Our immediate response will limit the downtime for your family or business and help to prevent further damage.

SERVPRO of Norristown is proud to assist those who need us the most in these devastating situations. Should your home or business suffer a storm damage event, we are always “Ready for whatever happens” in Norristown and the surrounding communities!

Importance of Prepping for Winter Storms

8/1/2022 (Permalink)

<img src =”winter-storms.jpg” alt = "prep for winter storms”> Extreme winter storm.

Talk to your family about what to do if a winter storm watch or warning is issued. Talking about winter storms in advance can help reduce anxiety, especially for children. Get your car cooled down before the winter storm season to reduce the chances of getting stuck in cold weather. Have a mechanic check the battery, antifreeze, windshield wipers and washers, ignition system, thermostat, lights, flashing hazard lights, exhaust system, heater, brakes, defroster, and oil. Fit good winter tires with enough tread. All-weather radials are usually sufficient, but some jurisdictions require vehicles with chains or studded winter tires. Keep in your car: - A windshield scraper and a small broom - A small bag of sand to create traction under the tires and a set of snow chains as a traction pad - Fits a container that won't get wet - Bright colored (preferably red) fabric to tie around the antenna - Kit emergency power, including warm clothing. Keep your car's tank full so you can escape quickly in an emergency and your fuel lines don't freeze. Keep a supply of non-biodegradable cat litter to keep sidewalks and steps from slipping. Service snow removal equipment for the winter storm season and keep it in good condition. Have a warm coat, gloves or mittens, a hat, waterproof boots and other blankets and warm clothing for each household member. 

How To Manage Flood & Storm Threats - SERVPRO of Norristown

5/16/2022 (Permalink)

Hurricane in route Hurricane in route to make landfall.

Floods are a coastal threat to the coasts of the United States and its territories each month of the year. Floods usually occur when it rains for several days over a long period of time, when heavy rains occur for a short time, or when ice or debris causes a river or stream to flood a local area. water structures such as a dam or dam. The most common cause of floods is water caused by rain and / or melting snow, which accumulates faster than it is absorbed by the soil or carried away by rivers. About 25 percent of all presidential disaster statements are flood-related. The following are the most common flood hazards that affect the United States:

Flash flood
River flood
Storm waves and coastal floods of tropical and non-tropical systems
Burning wounds / debris flow
Iis / pun Jams
The snow had calmed down
Dry wash
Dam rupture / Dam failure
Our process of water damage recovery
Each condition for water damage is different and requires a unique solution, but the overall process remains the same. The steps listed below illustrate our process for the “typical” water damage emergency.

Step 1: Emergency Contact

Step 2: Inspection and Damage Assessment

Step 3: Water Removal/Water Extraction

Step 4: Drying and Dehumidification

Step 5: Cleaning and Repair

Step 6: Restoration

Have Storm or Flood Damage?
Call Us Today 215-482-0800. 

Learn how rugs are affected during flood events | SERVPRO of Norristown

8/26/2021 (Permalink)

floods damaging property Call SERVPRO for your rug damages caused by flooding.

A substantial flood in Lower Providence Township can hit your home in a flash. It can drench your rugs and harm the deck underneath, making it perilous to live in the house. Rising waters can destroy essentially any kind of floor, including hardwood and cement. Reestablishing the structure to preloss conditions requires time and persistence.

At the point when the rising waters subside, SERVPRO can assist you with reestablishing your property inside no time. Our flood harm rebuilding specialists serve the Lower Providence Township region and its environs, and SERVPRO is accessible to react to your episode every minute of every day. We follow IICRC rules in each rebuilding exertion, and every one of our items and hardware are acceptable with industry guidelines.

The rug is perhaps the most vulnerable things to flood harm, especially because of latex decay and support detachment. Each floor covering contains an essential and auxiliary support. Latex disintegration is the point at which the sticky material holding the two sponsorships (just as the rug filaments) together self-destructs. The interaction begins following introducing the rug because of gases noticeable all around, daylight, and traffic. It speeds up incredibly quick when the material is presented to water harm.

SERVPRO flood harm specialists have a ton of involvement with managing a wide range of latex. The better grades have added substances that decelerate the breakdown cycle while the less expensive ones contain fillers with no glue properties. The fillers just occupy room in the floor covering and really add to water harm by working with delamination (partition) of the essential and auxiliary sponsorships. Delamination can likewise happen through excessively forceful extraction, so it is significant that the task is finished by an expert reclamation organization.

Additionally, painted cement might scale off because of flood harm, in this way requiring fixing and repainting. Subsequent to evaluating the degree of the harm, SERVPRO professionals can offer the most valuable reclamation way to deal with assistance you return to your lives straightaway. On the off chance that the paint contains lead (which is unsafe), we can work with a certified subcontractor to eliminate the first paint.

Because of the permeable idea of substantial floors, the rising water may wick up and leave chalk-like stores on a superficial level. To guarantee that the stores don't return, our water harm reclamation staff assume on the liability of fixing the wellspring of the spillage subsequent to removing the water. Soil or surface movies can likewise uphold form development on your substantial. SERVPRO has a group of exceptionally prepared form remediation specialists who can tidy up the shape and apply EPA-enlisted sanitizers if important.

In the event that you have a flood harm crisis, don't spare a moment to contact SERVPRO of Norristown. We are a piece of your local area and have the assets to reestablish your home to typical conditions rapidly and effectively. Call us today at (610) 272-8520.

For more data about Lower Providence Township click here.

Water Damage From Summer Storms | SERVPRO of Norristown

8/24/2021 (Permalink)

incoming summer storm Storm coming ashore.

An occasional summer storm carries with it the danger of extreme flood harm. High speed winds and driving precipitation put a home in danger of flooding, and harsh summer storms additionally cause leakage from nurseries and run-off from storm overwhelmed roads.

Something each property holder should know about after flood harm in Norristown is the three classes of water that may be available: Clean, dirty and sewage. Every classification has its danger level and should be dealt with accurately by experts. That is the reason we suggest calling SERVPRO after a flood. We train our IICRC-affirmed professionals to deal with a wide range of tempest water and reestablish your home.

The principal class is perfect water. Clean water doesn't contain any prompt wellbeing dangers. Water or water from a messed up pipe is generally spotless. Clean water should be managed promptly, or it can become dim water inside 48 hours which is the reason we need to will work immediately.

The subsequent class is dim water. Dim water has organic or synthetic defilement and in this way represents some potential wellbeing hazards. Dim water incorporates water from aquariums, clothes washers, dishwashers and sinks or showers. Eliminate dim water as quickly as time permits since, supposing that we don't there is a danger it may become polluted further and renamed as dark water.

The third class is dark water. Dark water is a wellbeing peril since it might contain sewage, synthetic compounds, or other poisonous components shipped from the climate. Dark water may contain organisms that cause a scope of illnesses and subsequently should be taken care of with outrageous consideration.

Plainly tidying up after flood harm requires care and polished methodology. We furnish our specialists with all the individual defensive gear important to deal with any classification of water securely, including rain boots, elastic gloves, coveralls, and face masks.

We complete an intensive appraisal of your home to determine the kind of water present and quickly set to stir tidying it up. We use siphons and water extraction apparatuses to eliminate water and guarantee it is discarded effectively. After we extricate all the water, we set to work drying out your home. We can likewise treat your home with hostile to microbial specialists.

SERVPRO groups likewise complete cautious observing of dampness levels in each room, including inside divider cavities and under the floor. You can have confidence that our point is to leave your home "Like it never even happened."

We are available to assist with any cleanup. Call SERVPRO of Norristown at (610) 272-8520 for help.

Thunderstorm Preparedness in Pennsylvania | SERVPRO® of Norristown

8/12/2021 (Permalink)

a large lightning strike just in front of person driving down road Thunderstorms can pop up at any moment. Contact SERVPRO of Norristown if you experience any damage.

Each year, the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency sponsors a week dedicated to the awareness and education of severe weather. This year, it was April 19 to the 23, and there was a lot of great information discussed. Particularly as it relates to thunderstorms, we wanted to extend the educational understanding of these storms and how they can impact Pennsylvania.

Thunderstorms and flash flooding are most common in spring and summer. These storms are identified as any storm that has thunder and lightning.

A severe thunderstorm, however, has thunder and lightning and it must contain hail that is at least one inch in diameter and have straight-line winds of at least 58 miles per hour.

The Differences Between a Thunderstorm and a Severe Thunderstorm

Lightning strikes. Lightning is commonly considered the most dangerous element of a thunderstorm due to its ability to cause damage to property and people and its unpredictability. Lightning is reported to be responsible for about 300 injuries every year, and this doesn’t include the damage it does to homes or businesses, which can range from starting house fires to felling trees that can do serious damage to permanent structures.

Hail damage. Because of its size and speed, hail can be a major hazard as it can cause damage to anything it impacts. When the hail in a severe thunderstorm is over one inch (many times larger than that), there can be damage to uncovered cars, injuries to humans or pets exposed to the elements, and significant damage to roofs and sidings of homes.

Flash flooding. Flooding can create a variety of problems, but particularly for drivers, this is a hazard that can create life-threatening scenarios in just minutes. Flash floods can occur at any time due to heavy rain, backed-up storm drains or overflowing ditches on the roadside. Because a car can be carried away with the tide in less than 12 inches of water, extreme caution must be used on potentially flooded roadways.

These storms can create major problems for homeowners. If you need a partner in the restoration industry, you can count on us to help. Contact us to learn how our highly trained team uses proprietary techniques to get your home back to normal quickly.

Norristown Business Owners Can Count on Our Cleaning Services I SERVPRO® of Norristown

3/24/2021 (Permalink)

a crew of SERVPRO employees in PPE gear walking inside building If you need cleaning assistance at your business, we’re here. Contact SERVPRO of Norristown to learn more.

We always want to support local business owners here in Norristown. We’re passionate about offering that support because we’re local business owners, too.

We get that you’ve put a lot of work into your business. That means you’ve spent days and nights working toward your goal. You’ve probably stayed up late, gotten up early and done everything you had to do to ensure you could survive and grow.

But we can’t predict the future or know all the challenges we’ll face next. For example, the global COVID-19 pandemic has changed how most of us interact with clients, add value and meet our customers’ needs.

Many businesses have already opened their doors again, and others have found new ways to work remotely or offer products and services digitally. Regardless of how you and your employees have decided to move forward, there’s help out there for you.

Resources You Can Count On

The good news is that many people are invested in helping you succeed. You can find great tools including more information about business loans and tips, advice, and more from sources you can trust.

It’s also vital to keep your business clean and safe for your employees and the customers you serve. That’s where we can help you.

We can make sure your business is “Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.” What does that mean? Let’s take a closer look at the cleaning services we offer.

Our technicians start by taking time to consult with you about your business and make an individualized plan.

Next, our experts will clean your space. They’ll use a high-level system to ensure you’re ready for customers to come back. Our teams work with proprietary EPA-Approved Hospital-Grade cleaning solutions. Plus, we use cleaning and decontamination standards directly from the CDC.

Finally, we’ll certify your space. And you can open your business with confidence.

If you need cleaning assistance at your business, we’re here. We have crews who are available 247 in the event of an emergency. Contact us at any time to learn more about our cleaning services and how we can help you.

Timing Is Vital if Your Trooper Home Is Damaged | SERVPRO® of Norristown

3/3/2021 (Permalink)

black glasses and pen sitting on insurance policy If your home has any damage due to a disaster, contact SERVPRO of Norristown.

No one likes to think about dealing with damage to the family home, but it’s more common than you might think. How common? Experts estimate that millions of American homeowners file damage claims each year.

Some of these claims are due to severe weather issues, like wind, hail and rain. Others are the result of home accidents and appliance malfunctions.

We know that no two claims are exactly alike. The differences include the causes of damage and their extent, the personalized repair work needed, and even the families themselves.

On the surface, it might seem like these don’t have much in common. But in reality, they do have one important similarity: The sooner the repair process gets started, the better your outcome is likely to be.

Timing is everything. For example, if your home suffers water damage, then you’ll want to move quickly to stop it from spreading.

Floors can buckle and warp within a few days. Upholstery can begin to fade and stain. You may even begin to smell the first signs of mold (a musty smell in the air) within a few hours.

Reach Out for Help Quickly

When you need restoration services, your team is available to you 247. We’re always on call, so we can come out on nights and weekends when you need us. All you have to do is call.

Beyond speed, there are plenty of other reasons so many residents trust us to do their restoration work:

Our expert technicians use advanced technology. Our team has the knowledge and certifications needed to do the job well. We’re always available when you have questions or need to know more about the process. We’ll walk you through a personalized plan. With extensive knowledge and training certifications, our connection with SERVPRO, a nationally respected brand, allows us access to the latest restoration technology.

We’re a proud local business. Our teams live and work in the community. We take pride in the work we do and the ways we can help our neighbors.

If your home is damaged due to fire, water or any other cause, you can always count on us for restoration assistance. We have teams who are available 247 in the event of an emergency. Contact us at any time to learn more about our restoration services and how we can help your family.

What You Should Do When Flood Waters Enter Your Norristown Home

7/31/2020 (Permalink)

Who To Call When Your Norristown Home Experiences Flood Damage

Storms in Norristown can bring torrential rains that may cause dams to overflow or break. Resulting flash floods can be hazardous and may even require residents to evacuate their homes. Sadly, many of those who evacuate during heavy storms come back to find their house half underwater. Should your home become flooded, contact professionals who can remove the water and mitigate as much of the damage as possible.  

SERVPRO technicians have experience when it comes to flood damage in Norristown houses. We work efficiently to mitigate as much damage as possible to your home's interior and structure. Our crews of water damage restoration technicians (WRT) can arrive at your property in a matter of hours and can remove the standing flood waters with the assistance of industrial grade wet vacs and truck mounted pumps. We can use moisture meters to establish baseline moisture measurements and determine our drying goals.  

After long-term submersion, water can seep through hardwood lacquer, causing the wood itself to crack and lose its structural integrity. To prevent this, professionals from SERVPRO can deploy drying mats to speed up the drying process of the wood.  

Flood waters often consist of Category 3 black water which contains debris, dirt, and bacteria. Cat 3 water soils absorbent materials such as upholstery, creating health hazards for homeowners. Our crews are certified through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and can strip and dispose of upholstery that came into contact with the flood waters.  

It can be heartbreaking to be forced to evacuate from your home because of flooding and returning home to inspect the resulting damage can be even worse. SERVPRO of Norristown knows that it can be tough for you, so we do our best to restore your home as rapidly as possible. Call us now at (610) 272-8520 should you experience flooding.

More about Norristown.

5 Things You Need to Know About Nor'easter Storms

7/31/2020 (Permalink)

The more you know about the nor'easter storms, the better prepared you can be

Nor'easter Facts

A nor'easter storm is no ordinary storm. Named for the direction their winds blow, these dangerous storms typically hit Northeastern regions during the colder, winter months. Don't take any chances if you're worried that your home in Trooper, PA, might be at risk. Arm yourself with knowledge and review these nor'easter facts.

1. There are two different types of storms: J.E. Miller first classified these storms in 1946, and was able to name them after himself as a result. The storms are characterized by the regions that they typically form in. Miller "type A" storms are the most common and form in the Gulf Coast. Miller "type B" storms form in the Midwest and are usually much more severe.

2. They can form at any time: Due to the polar jet stream, these storms are much more likely to occur in September through April. However, it is possible to experience one at any time of year.

3. They're a hurricane's northern cousin: Both types of storms are characterized by heavy precipitation and high winds. The only difference is that hurricanes form in the south and have a warm core, while the nor'easter forms in the north and has a cooler core.

4. They're very dangerous: Due to their colder cores, these storms often bring heavy snowfall. This is a lethal combination when coupled with the dangerously high winds that they can bring. If they don't bring snow, then you're likely to experience flooding from heavy rains.

5. They can be classified based on wave height: Robert Davis and Robert Dolan developed the aptly-named Dolan-Davis scale in 1992 to help further classify these storms. A Class 1 is the weakest, with an average wave height of 2 meters. Meanwhile, a Class 5 is the strongest with a mean wave height of 6.8 meters.
The more you know about the nor'easter storms, the better prepared you can be. If your home has been damaged by one of these storms, make sure to contact a storm remediation expert to help take care of the problem.

Flood Damage Restoration in Your Norristown Home After a Flash Flood

6/25/2020 (Permalink)

Flood Damage Restoration in Your Norristown Home After a Flash Flood

Flash floods can come without any warning in Norristown, just like other natural disasters. Even if you don’t live near a body of water, you can be at risk for flash floods, as they are not caused by overflowing of bodies of water, but rather by heavy rainfall from a thunderstorm. Other causes include a levee or dam break, or even a mudslide.

Aftermaths from a flash flood can be quite devastating to your Norristown home and the surrounding area. The water comes at a high intensity, likely bringing with it trees and debris, plus large quantities of water. Once the event is over, you need the assistance of a professional remediation company, such as SERVPRO, to help you clean up the mess left behind.

After the flash flood has passed, the essential thing to do is to ensure everyone in your family is safe and well. Before doing anything else, deal with any possible injuries. When you have determined that everyone is okay, you can then worry about your home. It is likely that your home and personal possessions were affected by the flash flood. The last thing you need after an event like this is to start a DIY project, which is why SERVPRO staff want to help.

Even if the damage is not too severe, we have you and your family remain out of your home for your safety until we can finish the restoration. Several dangers exist with flood damage restoration which can harm you. Besides the typical slip, trip, and fall hazards, flood waters are usually contaminated with debris and even chemical runoff and infectious waste. We are therefore careful to wear safety equipment at all times to protect us while we work.

Safety concerns are taken seriously, and we address them correctly before we even begin restoration work. A safe environment for everyone is a must. We identify all of the safety risks upon arriving at your home, so we do not leave anything to chance.

SERVPRO of Norristown wants to clean your home in West Norriton, Audubon, or Bethel Hill after a flash flood, but we ensure that everyone is safe while performing all cleaning and restoration tasks. When you call us at (610) 272-8520 for help, you can rest assured that we take every needed precaution before and during the job.

Click here for more information about the city of Norristown.

Flood Damage In Norristown

3/13/2020 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO of Norristown at (610) 272-8520 for 24/7 service.

Creeks and Rivers Flood In Norristown

Creeks and rivers can reach flood stage, sometimes in minutes, leaving little time to prepare. Homeowners can move personal belongings to higher floors and make sure their families are safe if given enough warning. Basements and even the first floor of a home can fill with water that is contaminated, carrying mud, debris, animal feces, and chemicals, leaving a potentially toxic mess.

SERVPRO of Norristown has lots of experience dealing with flood damage in Norristown and surrounding areas. Our team members are trained to deal with microbial infestations, flood damage, mold, and structural drying. For more significant damage events, we can also call on partner franchises to assist in providing equipment and staff. We are available on a 24 hour a day, seven days a week basis. Our teams are usually onsite within four hours of your call to begin the process of restoring your home.

Decontamination and Drying Structures
Once the flooding has subsided, SERVPRO can deploy sump pumps and water extractors to remove water from basements and crawl spaces. Next, we can remove all of the debris that may have entered the home. We evaluate which items can be saved by decontamination and cleaning and those that cannot. Usually, we can save hard surface items.

SERVPRO can review the steps that must be considered to properly dry your home and remove any chance of mold growth or harm from contaminated material. We work closely with the client and their insurance adjuster to arrive at a cleaning plan to restore your home to its original condition.

In many situations, we must remove carpets and underpadding. We make flood cuts on all walls to a point above the waterline. Drywall exposed to water usually cannot be saved. Also, we need access to the studs inside the wall to remove all moisture and properly dry the structure. While the damage from a flood may seem extensive, our experience has shown that it is better for your health and that of your family to remove all contaminated elements, properly clean and dry your home.

Call SERVPRO of Norristown at (610) 272-8520 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Bethel Hill, Wetherills Corner, and surrounding areas. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Flash Floods Can Damage Your Norristown Home

1/31/2020 (Permalink)

We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Heavy Downpours Cause Flash Floods in Norristown

Heavy downpours place lots of pressure on storm drains, streets, and homes. The water accumulates so quickly that the storm drains cannot handle the volume and the water backs up into streets, parking lots and basements. Within hours the water from a torrential downpour may have dissipated, however, the damage remains.

SERVPRO responds to flood damage in Norristown and surrounding areas immediately. Often our clients are distraught. Their homes and contents are a soggy mess. There may be contamination in the water, and often there is concern about diseases in addition to wondering how their families can ever recover from the damage.

Removing the Water
With basements flooded and the electricity off, SERVPRO can deploy truck-mounted pumps as well as submersible pumps to remove the water. If raw sewage has bubbled up through drains or was washed into the home by the floodwaters, we may need to pump the liquid into storage tanks for later disposal. We can also provide secondary power from generators brought to your home to run our equipment and also provide power to areas of the home requiring emergency power.

Once we have removed all of the water, we can investigate the damage and ensure the space is safe to enter. Electrical connections and the level of contamination of your home may represent a safety issue. In many cases, we cannot restore porous items. We can dispose of these items. We endeavor to clean as many items as possible.

With the owner's permission, SERVPRO can set up a staging area for our equipment. We also use this same area to store items that have been recovered from the flooded area and can be cleaned. Once contents are cleaned and dried, we move everything to a second staging area for storage until your home has been fully restored.

SERVPRO can help manage all of the flood damage restoration and recovery of your home after a flood. Our highly trained technicians provide decontamination, cleaning, and drying of the contents and the structure.

Call SERVPRO of Norristown at (610) 272-8520 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Lower Providence Township, Bethel Hill, and surrounding areas. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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We Discuss The Monitoring Process After A Flood In Your Norristown Home

11/17/2019 (Permalink)

After your pipes freeze, it is best to seek out the professionals.

Flood Water Removal Teams In Norristown Discuss The Monitoring Process

It is about to get cold in Pennsylvania, meaning that your water pipes could freeze inside your Norristown apartment complex. Once pipes freeze and break, you could find your self in need to call in a professional flood water removal company such as SERVPRO. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster, and we can quickly mitigate your issue before other bad things take place inside your home.

A pipe freeze can cause several gallons of water to pour into the interior of your building and require flood water removal inside your Norristown apartment unit. Once excessive moisture starts to negatively affect your building materials and contents, much water damage mitigation must get conducted by our SERVPRO professionals. If your moisture-related issues do not get treated promptly, then problems can get worse, and mold can even grow. Mold can cause health effects, but it takes about 48 hours to develop, so we always work to try to return moisture levels to normal to prevent fungal formations.

Once we arrive at your apartment complex, one of the first things we do is extract any liquid water from your unit. When it is in its liquid form, moisture is much easier to remove. Once it has evaporated into the air and soaked into your contents and building materials, the only way to remove it is through applied structural drying or ASD. During this process, we manipulate your indoor environment to speed up the natural drying and evaporation process.

During the ASD phase, we set up a combination of air movers and dehumidifiers that can help quickly dry out your structure after we set them up, we use moisture detection devices and other instruments to monitor the moisture content, temperature, and humidity inside your home. If any of these results prove to be insufficient for rapid ASD, then we can adjust our equipment as necessary. Once our measuring devices indicate that the moisture levels inside your building materials, contents, and indoor atmosphere prove to be returned to what they were before your pipe freeze took place, then we remove our equipment and begin the final cleaning phase.

After your pipes freeze, it is best to seek out the professionals. Call SERVPRO of Norristown at (610) 272-8520 any time of the day, and we will return your property to its pre-damage state, “Like it never even happened.”

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How to Handle Flood Damage in Your Norristown Home

9/24/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO knows exactly what to do for your Norristown flood damaged home.

Let us walk you through every single step to take for your Norristown flood damage.

Floods can cause severe damage to a home. Even a few inches of standing water can have devastating effects on the walls, floors, carpets, and drywall of your home. Therefore, it is essential to learn how to mitigate the destruction that flooding causes.

When dealing with flood damage in your Norristown residence, you need to secure your family. With floodwaters carrying bacteria and debris that could cause harm, ensure everyone in your house is safe. After that, do the following:

  •       Gather essential documents

Documents like personal identification, flood insurance policies, and pictures of your damaged home can come in handy during this time. You want to make an insurance claim quickly and receive compensation. Without these documents, you could end up paying for restoration services with your emergency cash.

  •       File a claim

An insurance adjuster can evaluate the loss and help the insurance company decide how much to compensate you. It can take a while before an insurance company processes your claim. Be prepared to incur costs for removing water, drying the affected areas and other repairs. 

  •       Begin the restoration process

At SERVPRO, we advise homeowners to start the restoration process because water destroys a home with every minute that passes by. 

Our Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRTs) respond to flooding disasters quickly. We have sophisticated portable extractors that can remove the standing water in different surfaces of your home to speed up drying. We can also clean up the contaminated areas before we start restorative drying. Our restorers also provide humidity control in contaminated areas to reduce potential secondary destruction, moisture migration, and microbial amplification. This involves setting up and turning on dehumidifiers to reduce the humidity within the affected areas.

Our SERVPRO technicians can also create a drying zone in your home. A drying zone is an area where we control the airflow, humidity, and temperature to expedite the drying of damp materials. We focus our drying efforts on the drying zone. We can group several adjacent rooms into one drying zone. 

When in need of flood mitigation services, contact SERVPRO of Norristown at (610) 272-8520. We can help you restore your home to its preloss state. We also offer our services in Lower Providence Township, East Norriton and West Norriton. 

To learn more about Norristown, click here.

Let the Professionals Handle Flood Damage Remediation in Your Norristown Home

7/31/2019 (Permalink)

Don't let flood damage get you down. Call the professionals in remediation at SERVPRO today.

Professional Flood Damage Restoration For Norristown Homes

Flooding is a regular concern for Norristown residents. With the Schuylkill River making up the town’s entire Southwestern border, outside water intrusions are a real threat whenever the weather threatens to cause the river to crest its banks or drops water faster than the storm drains can remove it. 

To eliminate Norristown flood damage, SERVPRO response teams remove water, clean or replace affected property, and dry out the home. Technicians break these processes down into key steps that can sometimes overlap to return each home to its owners as quickly as possible. 

Water Removal 

  • Draw out the majority of the water with commercial grade pumps. Restoration teams can complete this step, usually in only one or two days.
  • Remove the remaining water using smaller extractors that pull water off concrete floors, and draw it out of carpets and from between wood floorboards without causing secondary damage. They direct all water into the nearest sewer access point.

Clean or Replace 

  • SERVPRO technicians spray the water surface before starting other tasks to eliminate the health risk from the soil and other contaminants.
  • Remove all affected property to a clean area of the home or to another location to extract the flood water and clean each item using one of our commercial cleaners with an anti-bacterial agent. That also includes affected floors and walls.
  • Dispose of all items to contaminated or otherwise damaged for repair. Technicians take careful note of all items before cleaning or disposal to make certain the customer’s insurance company covers all actions.  

Dry The Home 

  • Team members install fans to increase air circulation as others finish work with the extractors. Improved circulation removes damp air in the home and increases the natural rate of evaporation.
  • Technicians also install air movers at key points to speed up drying. By directing the airflow, they can force moisture out of wood floors and drywall panels and into the air where it evaporates or is pulled out of the home by the fans.

For SERVPRO of Norristown, our goal is to return every home here and in Lower Province Township, East Norriton, and West Norriton to its owners in a dry and clean condition. If you have had even a small amount of flooding, contact our office today at (610) 272-8520 to begin the restoration process. We are here for you.  

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Even Minor Flood Damage In Your East Norriton Home Should Be Handled By A Professional Restoration Company

3/29/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Norristown has certified emergency technicians available to help you turn around water loss in your home “Like it never even happened.”

Why A Little Flood Damage Is Never A DIY Job In East Norriton

Flood damage to a property, even in small amounts, can cause multiple points of damage if it is not addressed correctly. When flooding is limited to a single area in a home, it may seem like all that needs to happen is dry the area and the situation is resolved. This can lead to mold issues or other secondary damages that can be costly for homeowners to repair.

When handling any size flood damage in East Norriton homes, SERVPRO technicians know floodwater is dealt with as blackwater or contaminated. If there is standing water remaining in the house, our technicians protect both themselves and the occupants by spraying biocide and wearing protective gear as they extract any remaining water from the home.

Digital probes show how deeply the water has penetrated floors, walls and other parts of the structure. It is important to know that carpet padding is notorious for absorbing water and blackwater can wind up in areas of the home that seemed initially unaffected by the initial water intrusion. SERVPRO technicians are certified in several areas of water damage remediation and know how to identify areas where the water has seeped.

Complete drying is crucial for avoiding mold and mildew problems. SERVPRO uses dehumidifiers to bring down moisture levels while using air movers that are positioned at angles to direct air up and out of the room. We know that even though the area may look dry on the service, moisture probes verify the building structure is dry. Heavy furniture that only had water contact with the legs or non-porous areas may be dried up on blocks on a case by case basis.

Due to possible contaminants, non-porous surfaces that came into contact with water are thoroughly cleaned using our professional antibacterial and antimicrobial formulas to ensure surfaces are disinfected and inhibit mold growth.
Flood damage is a situation that should always be handled by professionals for safety reasons. SERVPRO of Norristown at (610) 272-8520 has certified emergency technicians available to help you turn around water loss in your home “Like it never even happened.”

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What Few People Know About Flood Damage Remediation in Lower Providence Township

2/17/2019 (Permalink)

When your home suffers damage from a flood, give our friendly SERVPRO team a call to make it "Like it never even happened."

Recovering from Flood Damage, a Lengthy Process in Lower Providence Township without SERVPRO

Many disasters happen quickly and do not last long, leaving residents in Lower Providence Township able to recover quickly and move on with normal activities soon after. Flooding, though, lingers, keeping people out of the area and prolonging the effects experienced.

SERVPRO technicians use their experience across many fields to ensure that our customers' homes become livable as soon as possible after flood damage happens in Lower Providence Township. While giving an exact date for moving back in is almost impossible to do initially, we can provide an educated range. As we work, we can provide more information to you, allowing your family to plan things more efficiently to meet their immediate needs.

Many things that succumb to a flood, like appliances, mattresses, and carpeting all require immediate disposal to help us more efficiently dry out your home. Personal belongings, however, need your input. We work with you continuously throughout the entire process and do not want to throw anything away that holds special meaning for someone in your family.

Items that we cannot quickly restore through standard methods might respond better to more intensive techniques. We discuss these and their expected results before engaging in more costly work, knowing that you prefer to make these choices yourself. When we come across such items, we place them in a special category. So you can go through them and decide when you have time.

The contents in your house and its structure both need IICRC certified teams, qualified to do the work, and dedicated to making sure your home becomes “Like it never even happened” as quickly as possible. We know flooding can cause severe stress in a family, but helping restore normalcy again eliminates the stress. It also eliminates the risks brought into your home by floodwaters.

Before moving back in, the last step is to ensure that no foul odors exist. Our Odor Control Technician (OCT) makes sure that your home no longer holds any strong odors. If any reappear, which can happen on hotter or more humid days, let us know. We want you to be satisfied with our work, from start to finish.

SERVPRO of Norristown continues helping residents in Bethel Hill, Audubon, and Trooper protect and restore their homes after disasters like flood damage occur. Call our 24-hour emergency line any day of the year to talk to us about how we can help you. Our number is (610) 272-8520 and is always available.

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When Your Kingston Home Experiences A Flood Our Team Can Restore It To Pre-Damage Condition

11/25/2018 (Permalink)

Wood can suffer greatly when exposed to water for lengthy periods, and flood damage in your home can cause such situations to happen rather quickly.

A Flood Can Destroy Your Kingston Home

Water covering the lower portions of your home in Norristown can soak into not only the walls' material but also into the wooden furniture legs, as well as your home's stairways, doors, and their frames. This can cause swelling and warping.

Wood can suffer greatly when exposed to water for lengthy periods, and flood damage in your Norristown home can cause such situations to happen rather quickly. SERVPRO technicians arrive with the equipment needed to remove the water in these items and get them dried out at a pace that prevents warping and cracking. Drying too rapidly can also cause problems, so we continually measure the moisture content that remains.

Wooden furniture, particularly the legs, swell once saturated, and this saturation happens slowly. We use heaters and air movers to reverse the process. Our air movers also remove any water vapor in the air, as well as porous materials that absorb it so easily.

Water can also ruin the finishes on these parts of your furniture. We clean these in preparation of restoration by furniture restoration experts. We partner with these professionals so you can relax and concentrate on other matters affecting your family.

Just like wooden floors, stairways can also become warped by flooding. While this may only affect the lower portion, stairs leading to the basement or cellar can become very dangerous. We check these for stability issues, loose treads and newly exposed nails, warped and cracked runners, and other issues that might develop.

Doors and their frames need to fit perfectly together or closing and opening them can become difficult or even impossible. Exterior doors that become hindered like this create serious security flaws. Interior doors that refuse to close properly can become tiresome and a real bother. Even within a family, privacy becomes necessary for everyone's peace of mind, at least every once in a while. Gaps in between doors and their frames ruin any sense of privacy immediately. We work with you on resolving these predicaments and getting your entryways restored correctly.

SERVPRO of Norristown knows how flood damage can affect your family overnight. The changes cause an immediate and serious amount of stress. We can help you get things restored in your home and your life. Call us at (610) 272-8520, if your home in Audubon, Trooper, or Evansburg needs mitigation services.

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Flood Restoration In West Norriton

9/19/2018 (Permalink)

If you experience flood damage in the West Norriton area, it’s essential to ensure that you don’t try to get rid of the water on your own.

Flood Restoration

When there's a heavy rain, there might be a chance that you have experienced a flood. Flood damage originates from the overflow of inland or tidal water, rapid accumulation of surface water, mudflow, or collapse of land along the bank of a lake or similar body of water. All of this can lead to disastrous results in your home.

If you experience flood damage in the West Norriton area, it’s essential to ensure that you don’t try to get rid of the water on your own. Extracting water from your residential area requires a lot of skills and expertise. You’ll have to purchase high-tech equipment and tools to help you get rid of the water. Not only that, it can be a hazardous process. Water near electrical appliances can be dangerous, so it’s vital to keep your children and yourself out of the area after the flood.

After surviving the flood, it’s essential to call in the experts like SERVPRO, so they can send their technicians to assess the area. These technicians can utilize sophisticated mitigation techniques to remove the water. This process can help reduce additional property damage. They can also use moisture sensors, moisture meters, and thermohygrometers to detect the moisture in the air, carpets, walls, baseboards, and anywhere in your home. The goal of these tools is to help us control the temperature and humidity levels to provide the proper drying condition.

SERVPRO technicians have other high-tech tools such as air movers to enhance evaporation to reduce the drying time. They can also use deodorizing equipment such as ultra-low volume foggers to create a fine mist that can penetrate the site of odor-causing residues. These tools can even kill fungus and other bacteria that lingers around your house.

If you are ready to restore your house after the flood, then give SERVPRO of Norristown a call at (610) 272-8520 for a consultation with a skilled technician.

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What Takes Up The Most Time During Flood Damage Restorations In Norristown?

8/9/2018 (Permalink)

One of the costliest events that can happen to your home in Norristown is flood damage.

Flood Damage Restoration

One of the costliest events that can happen to your home in Norristown is flood damage. Storm flooding accounts for a massive portion of building repair and restoration projects across the nation every year, and a large portion of calls SERVPRO receives nationwide come in during or immediately following a flood. Some of the work involved in returning your home to the way it was before the flood can also be very difficult to complete, even with substantial human resources and equipment. Here are some of the most involved aspects of our work in flood damage restorations.

Flooring Repair
The most consistently impacted part of a home in Norristown with flood damage is the flooring. All types of flooring used in residential construction are vulnerable to large volumes of water, and when the sheets of muddy, coarse floodwater come pouring home, few floors can resist harm. While we have extensive training and strategy aimed at avoiding outright replacement of flooring materials, many floods necessitate the laying down of fresh carpet, tile, wood, and other materials.

Baseboard Restorations
Like flooring materials, baseboards can be damaged beyond repair even from a relatively minor flood. At the very least, we almost always need to disinfect, clean, and repaint baseboards throughout the home. More commonly, we also need to take special drying and mold precautions or even wholly replace most types of baseboards. As with flooring, we always try to restore the existing materials if possible before looking to replace them.

Electrical and Plumbing Issues
How much electrical and plumbing work needs to be done after a fire varies greatly depending on the make and model of your house. Some building layouts are highly resistant to damage from flooding, while others may require large-scale reworking. Because these systems can malfunction from a flood of any size, you should take care to avoid affected areas of the home until a SERVPRO inspector determines that the scene is safe.

SERVPRO of Norristown has the personnel and resources available to respond to flood damage calls on a 24/7 basis. Contact us at (610) 272-8520.

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Flood Damage Ruins More than Your Norristown Home

6/18/2018 (Permalink)

The SERVPRO Team Comes Equipped for Storm Damage Cleanup and Restoration in the Norristown Area

Personal Property and Possessions Are Prioritized by SERVPRO for Restoration After a Storm

After a flood recedes and the water level returns to normal, pockets of water remain here and there throughout Norristown. Some of these pockets exist in homes, which SERVPRO technicians clean up with our extraction equipment. Residual moisture can still contain microscopic pathogens and other potential hazards, so we clean with biocidal cleansing agents to make your home as safe as possible. Silt and other deposits around your house can do the same and keep these organisms alive for unexpectedly long periods.

Homes in Norristown that have flood damage need restoration work to begin as soon as possible. Personal belongings and household furnishings that absorb water also require special handling to restore them to their former condition. Generally, recovering these items in a flooded home costs less than replacing the same things cost, so performing the necessary work often ends up as the most cost-effective option of the two. When this does not hold true, we explain why to the customer.
Cleaning items exposed to flooding by our technicians remove the soils deposited and brings things back to how you remember them. Making them safe for your family keeps them from exposure to pathogens and becoming ill. We take this risk very seriously, as many water-borne illnesses occur each year in flood-damaged areas across our country.
The ease with which floodwaters evaporate and travel to non-flooded areas of your home makes it crucial that SERVPRO uses desiccant machines--typically gel-based dehumidifiers, in the process of drying out your home. Just like we capture water from materials where it penetrated, we also use equipment to pull moisture out of the air. Once the air becomes dry again, and floors, walls, and other surfaces reach their normal moisture levels, we know our work in this area succeeded. No guesswork here, we monitor with moisture sensors and infrared thermal imaging to ensure a return to preloss condition.
SERVPRO of Norristown can be contacted by dialing (610) 272-8520 at any time. Our 24-hour emergency number is always ready to answer your questions about flood damage and how it can affect your home, as well as how we can help your family by restoring it "Like it never even happened."

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When an Open Window During a Bad Storm Floods Your East Norriton Basement

4/24/2018 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO for Storm Water Removal from East Norriton Basements

Finished Basements Suffer from Storm Waters 

Flood damage is something that most homeowners are not equipped to deal with on their own. During the spring, rain can bring several inches of water during the season, and if your home is not well prepared, it can cause a problem. Accidentally leaving a window open in the basement may not seem like a big deal, but if the night brings a heavy and intense storm, it can ruin your morning. It would be hard to clean up several inches of water by yourself, but luckily there is professional help nearby to do it for you.

After receiving your call, our technicians can arrive swiftly at your East Norriton home to investigate the flood damage. Removing the water out of your basement as quickly is a priority. The longer stagnant water sits in a space, the more moisture the structure of your home can absorb. Excessive moisture creates the perfect breeding ground for mold, which can cause unfavorable odors, health effects, and even rot.
A SERVPRO estimator can explain the quickest way to extract the water and answer any questions you may have about the process. Afterward, our technicians can focus on removing the water and then dry out any of your belongings that are thoroughly soaked or just damp. When it comes to water extraction, we do not merely remove the water and leave. SERVPRO knows that soaked carpets and belongings are also in danger of water damage. In most cases, the carpet padding must be tossed, and if there is an indication of contamination in the floodwaters, then the carpet must also go.
We can use the same device to dry your carpets that we use to remove water, an extractor. The mix of heating and drawing the water away is the perfect tool to dry your carpets to an acceptable moisture level. Of course, dehumidification with our industry-leading equipment aids in the desiccation process. To make sure your belongings are dry, SERVPRO can use moisture meters to detect humidity levels. We leave the job site only when you are satisfied with the results.
When rainwater has overrun your home, do not delay. Phone SERVPRO of Norristown at (610) 272-8520. No matter the time, we can take your call and send our technicians as soon as possible.

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Flood Damage Cleanup In Your Norristown Home

3/12/2018 (Permalink)

Heavy rains can sometimes cause flooding in the Norristown area.

Flood Damage Cleanup

Heavy rains can sometimes cause flooding in the Norristown area. These rains can quickly enter your home and make a big mess of things. All locations can be in danger of flooding at some point, even if you do not live in a flood-prone area. Knowing whom to call before a disaster happens goes a long way in getting your home cleaned up faster.

After flooding and flood damage occurs in your Norristown home, you want to act quickly. The longer water sits, the more damage is done to your home, which can include mildew and mold growth. SERVPRO staff is always standing by to help you, as we know that these things never happen at a convenient time.

After an initial inspection to determine the scope of the damage, we bring in extraction equipment to remove all the freestanding water and extract water from carpeting and upholstery. If needed, we remove carpeting and padding for proper drying. We then bring in professional grade dehumidifying and drying equipment to dry the affected areas and return the humidity levels in your residence to their usual level.

SERVPRO techs are trained to use the proper drying and extraction techniques to help minimize the possibility of secondary damage, possible microbial growth, and lower costs. We monitor the drying process each day and reposition the air-movers and dehumidifiers as needed for optimal drying time.

After your belongings and home are dry, the area is cleaned and sanitized, and we put everything back in its place. SERVPRO even works directly with you and your insurance company to help get you the coverage you deserve. We understand disasters like this can be very stressful, so we try to do everything we can to ease some of that worry for you while you concentrate on your family.

SERVPRO of Norristown ensures that your home in Evansburg, Audubon, or Bethel Hill is appropriately taken care of after flood damage, but that we also keep you and your family in mind as we work. When you call us at (610) 272-8520, you can rest assured that you are getting the best service possible for your home and your family, too.

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Flood Damage Help for Norristown

1/17/2018 (Permalink)

Storms Result in Many Adverse Conditions in the Norristown Area, Call SERVPRO for Mitigation

Stormwater Dictates Certain Procedures for Removal and Cleanup

Recently, floods have been plaguing various parts of the country. If a violent storm hits Norristown, there is a chance flooding can occur. When the streets get filled with water, it is likely that rainwater gets into your home.
Flooding can happen fast. One minute you notice rain is coming down, the next minute you need to call SERVPRO's flood damage experts in Norristown. As the old saying goes,"when it rains it pours!" It is not unusual during a rainstorm to get inches of standing water inside your house within minutes.
The instance you notice water coming into the house from the outside you should react. As soon as you call our emergency damage team, they can promptly get to your home and assess the situation. First, our team can try to stop more water from entering the home. Then, the water restoration crew can extract as much of the standing water as possible.
After the water gets extracted, our experts can test the water to see if it is contaminated. In a water damage situation, there are three different types of water that causes problems to your home. A category 1 or white water damage comes from clean water coming inside the home, from the plumbing. Category 2 or grey water is used clean water filled with detergents as an example. Category 3 or black water is a situation where sewer water backs up into the house, or pesticides, chemicals, even animal carcasses are washed into your property. This is a hazard that requires special handling and removing. Our ASD applied structural drying technicians wear PPE, personal protection equipment while extracting contaminated water and other elements.
What our crew does to mitigate the water damage is controlled by what type of water causes the damage. If the water is grey or black all affected drywall and carpet must be removed. If water came in from the outside, then most likely you are dealing with grey water at best, black water at worst. In this scenario, all of the carpet, pad, and drywall get removed. Our team can then dry the exposed floorboard and studs in the wall. After the wood is dry, our team can spray a sealant paint over the area along with antimicrobial chemicals before reconstruction by your company of choice.
Dealing with damage resulting from a flood is never pleasant. Getting help from experts always makes the process go more smoothly, call SERVPRO of Norristown (610) 272-8520 for assistance 24/7.

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Helping Homeowners In Norristown Address Flood Damage Correctly

11/22/2017 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO for Flood Water Removal in Norristown

Quality Storm Restoration from SERVPRO

Tackling the cleaning and restoration work in your Norristown home after a flood takes a great deal of knowledge, time, and attention to detail, more than most homeowners have available on their own. Most of us have to get back to work as soon as possible, and there is no time for recovering from a significant event.  

Sure, the company you use to address flood damage in your Norristown area home needs to address the removal and disposal of materials beyond repair. However, you also want someone qualified to perform a variety of services to ensure each item in your home receives the attention it deserves.

With 24/7 emergency services available and years of experience in the cleaning and restoration industry, SERVPRO technicians provide you with flood damage recovery services that go beyond your expectations. We are proud members of our local community, providing expertly trained technicians that assist when you need it the most.  

SERVPRO provides a variety of services designed to return your home and belongings to a quality pre-flood damage condition. Our cleaning specialists clean and protect your carpeting, upholstery, tile, grout, and other surfaces found in your home. We remove stains, repair damaged items, and help return your home to normal as quickly and efficiently as possible while also maintaining the level of quality you expect.
SERVPRO’s IICRC certified technicians use all of the latest equipment and tools to address problems found in your home after a flood. We have access to water extractors of all shapes and sizes, air movers, humidifiers, and advanced cleaning methods. Available resources are used to make your home new again, and we work hard to provide you with the highest quality services possible.  

We keep you informed throughout the process and want you to be pleased with the results you receive. Our services help limit the losses you experience after a flood occurs on your property and gives you access to qualified professionals you can trust, give SERVPRO of Norristown a call, today. (610) 272-8520

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Repairing Flood Damage On Carpets And Concrete In Lower Providence Township homes

10/2/2017 (Permalink)

A flood can soak your carpets and damage the flooring beneath, making it unsafe to live in the house.

Repairing Flood Damage On Carpets And Concrete

A flash flood in Lower Providence Township can hit your home by surprise. It can soak your carpets and damage the flooring beneath, making it unsafe to live in the house. Flood waters can ruin virtually any type of floor, including hardwood and concrete. Restoring the building to preloss conditions requires time and patience.

When the flood waters recede, SERVPRO can help you restore your property within no time. Our flood damage restoration experts serve the Lower Providence Township area and its environs, and SERVPRO is available to respond to your incident 24/7. We follow IICRC guidelines in every restoration effort, and all our products and equipment are up to par with industry standards.

The carpet is one of the most susceptible items to flood damage, particularly due to latex deterioration and backing separation. Every carpet contains a primary and secondary backing. Latex deterioration is when the adhesive material holding the two backings (as well as the carpet fibers) together falls apart. The process starts immediately after installing the carpet due to gases in the air, sunlight, and traffic. It accelerates exceedingly fast when the material is exposed to water damage.

SERVPRO flood damage experts have a lot of experience in dealing with all sorts of latex. The better grades have additives that decelerate the breakdown process while the cheaper ones contain fillers with no adhesive properties. The fillers only take up space in the carpet and actually contribute to water damage by facilitating delamination (separation) of the primary and secondary backings. Delamination can also occur through overly aggressive extraction, so it is important that the job is done by a professional restoration company.

Similarly, painted concrete may scale off as a result of flood damage, thus requiring repairing and repainting. After assessing the extent of the damage, SERVPRO technicians can offer the most useful restoration approach to help you get back to your lives as soon as possible. If the paint contains lead (which is hazardous), we can work with a qualified subcontractor to remove the original paint.

Due to the porous nature of concrete floors, the flood water may wick up and leave chalk-like deposits on the surface. To ensure that the deposits do not reappear, our water damage restoration personnel take on the responsibility of fixing the source of the leakage after extracting the water. Dirt or surface films can also support mold growth on your concrete. SERVPRO has a team of highly trained mold remediation experts who can clean up the mold and apply EPA-registered disinfectants if necessary.

If you have a flood damage emergency, do not hesitate to contact SERVPRO of Norristown. We are a part of your community and have the resources to restore your home to normal conditions quickly and efficiently. Call us today at (610) 272-8520.

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The Three Categories Of Water that May Be Present After Flood Damage In Norristown

8/5/2017 (Permalink)

Norristown Homes Drenched by Storms Needing Water Extraction Look to SERVPRO

Trust SERVPRO to Remove Contaminated Water After a Flood Safely

A seasonal storm brings with it the risk of severe flood damage. High winds and driving rain put a home at risk of flooding, and storms also cause seepage from gardens and run-off from storm flooded streets.
Something every homeowner needs to be aware of after flood damage in Norristown is the three categories of water that might be present: Clean, gray and black. Each category has its risk level and needs to be handled correctly by professionals. That is why we recommend calling SERVPRO after a flood. We train our IICRC-certified technicians to handle all kinds of storm water and restore your home.
The first category is clean water. Clean water does not contain any immediate health hazards. Rainwater or water from a broken pipe is usually clean. Clean water must be dealt with immediately, or it can become gray water within 48 hours which is why we need to get to work at once.
The second category is gray water. Gray water has biological or chemical contamination and thus poses some potential health risks. Gray water includes water from aquariums, washing machines, dishwashers and sinks or showers. It is important to remove gray water as soon as possible because if we do not there is a risk it might become contaminated further and reclassified as black water.
The third category is black water. Black water is a health hazard because it may contain sewage, chemicals, or other toxic elements transported from the environment. Black water might contain microbes that cause a range of diseases and thus must be handled with extreme care.
It is clear that cleaning up after flood damage requires care and professionalism. We equip our technicians with all the personal protective equipment necessary to handle any category of water safely, including rubber boots, rubber gloves, coveralls, and facemasks.
We carry out a thorough assessment of your home to ascertain the type of water present and immediately set to work cleaning it up. We use pumps and water extraction tools to remove water and ensure it is disposed of correctly. After we extract all the water, we set to work drying out your home. We can also treat your home with anti microbial agents.
SERVPRO teams also carry out careful monitoring of moisture levels in each room, including inside wall cavities and under the floor. You can rest assured that our aim is to leave your home “Like it never even happened.”
We are on hand to help with any cleanup. Call SERVPRO of Norristown at (610) 272-8520 for assistance.

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