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Electrical Fire Safety in Norristown

8/22/2023 (Permalink)

<img src =”burning-outlet.jpg” alt = "burning outlet”> Learn about fire safety to prevent avoidable damages to your home.

Electrical Fire Safety

Fire damage can occur at a moment’s notice, and often those damages are unexpected or caused by a minor issue such as an electrical outlet. Electrical fires are one of the leading causes of a house fire. SERVPRO of Norristown recommends that you hire a professional to inspect your electrical systems regularly to ensure that they are working properly. Even a small electrical issue such as a spark can lead to devastating fire damage for your property.

SERVPRO of Norristown can handle any size fire damage event in our local area, but there are several actions you can take in order to help prevent an electrical fire in your home or facility.

  • Outlets should not be overused.
  • If a cord or outlet is broken, do not use it.
  • Cords should not be left under flammable materials such as carpets.
  • Ensure your appliances are working properly.
  • Your HVAC system and ducts should be clear of dirt and debris that can build up and cause a fire.
  • Check for signs of distress on your electrical system. If your lights flicker or your outlets feel hot, call an electrician immediately to perform repairs as well as routine maintenance. A professional can also check your wiring and ensure it has been installed correctly.

Should your property suffer an electrical fire, you should exit the premises immediately. Do not re-enter the building until officials inform you that it is safe to do so.

Once the fire has been extinguished, SERVPRO of Norristown can handle the entire restoration process in order to make any size disaster “Like it never even happened.” Our fire damage restoration professionals will visit the site right away to assess the damage, determine the best plan of action and help guide you throughout the project. We will work with your insurance provider to help speed things along and make the situation as less overwhelming as possible!

How to cook with caution this summer.

8/1/2022 (Permalink)

<img src =”cooking-safety.jpg” alt = "tips for safely cooking with fire”> How to cook safely with fire.

Be alerted. Do not cook if you are drowsy or have consumed alcohol. This can create dangerous situations. Do not use the stove or heater if you are under the influence. Stay in the kitchen when frying, boiling, grilling or cooking food. Always turn off the stove when you have to leave the kitchen, no matter how quickly. If you cook, boil or grill food, check it regularly, stay home while it's cooking, or use a timer so you don't forget. Make sure your kitchen is free of clutter and that there are no loose objects near the stove. This reduces the possibility of something catching fire. If you have a small oil/cooking fire and decide to fight the fire… On the stove, turn off the flame by removing the lid from the pan and turning off the burner. Leave the pan covered until completely cool. When the fire is in the oven, turn off the oven and close the door. If you have doubts about putting out a small fire... Get out of the house! Remember to close the door behind you when you leave to help with the fire. Call 9-1-1 or your local emergency number away from home. 

How to identify different types of fires.

8/1/2022 (Permalink)

<img src =”grill-fire.jpg” alt = "types of fires”> Awareness of different types of fires.

Synthetic: A synthetic fire is caused by burning petroleum substances. These materials are plastics and fabrics. Some examples of these materials include furniture, curtains, electronics, and carpet fibers. Thick black smoke is often seen when these products are burned. If a synthetic fire breaks out in your home, the best way to clean it up is to vacuum the surface. Finish the cleaning process with a dry chemical sponge. Protein: Protein fires can burn meat products. These fires usually leave a yellowish-brown residue. Cleaning these fires can be very difficult due to their greasy nature. It is best to use the correct cleaning chemicals when removing smoke residue. Natural: A natural fire is caused by the burning of wood or paper dust. These fires produce gray-black smoke and are among the easiest to clean. Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush and then use a dry chemical sponge to clean these fires. Now that you know the different types of fires you may encounter and how to recognize them. You can use the good cleaning methods mentioned above. 

Call SERVPRO for specialty fire damage services | SERVPRO of Norristown

8/26/2021 (Permalink)

flames and smoke from a fire disaster Smoke damage caused by raging fire.

Most flames don't annihilate a home. They don't cause primary harm generally. Most of the rebuilding expenses for a mortgage holder ordinarily come from the scents that consumed material abandons noticeable all around and on the underlying and individual property.

Scents are the most waiting and hardest to eliminate some portion of fire harm to a home in the Lower Providence Township. It is additional tedious and takes exceptional abilities and devices not regularly found with an overall project worker or other tidy up offices. SERVPRO keeps a broad stock of cleaning hardware and a top notch preparing program with admittance to a cross country organization of both when required. Coming up next are only an example of what we bring to each home:

Injectors – When it comes to limited quantities of scent causing finishes on a household item or mat, specialists utilize these business grade siphons for the work. They use them with huge needles to infuse an aerating specialist straightforwardly into the influenced region. We incline toward utilizing this procedure as opposed to sending a seat or couch to be reupholstered.

Ozone Machines – Oxygen particles are constrained by this gadget to respond with scent causing atoms noticeable all around. The activity oxidizes the particles, eliminating the smell. The interaction is very proficient in eliminating smells yet requires our specialists to wear defensive stuff. It is risky to individuals, pets, and things containing regular elastic. Whenever we have completed, the ozone gas created changes over back to oxygen in a brief time frame.

Pressing factor Sprayers – These gadgets splash aerating specialists and other synthetic cleaners at a pace of 50 psi. Our IICRC-confirmed specialists apply them straightforwardly on underlying property, textures and most covers that have hefty measures of scent causing smoke and ash deposits.

Ventilation Fans – We start the way toward eliminating smells with these. Contingent upon the size, the gadgets climb to 5000 cubic feet of air each moment. They fill a twofold need in light of the fact that as well as eliminating putrid air, they additionally viably ventilate a home and dry surfaces actually moist from the water used to douse the fire.

Our objective with each house fire is to return your home to its preloss state. That incorporates making certain the air helps everybody just to remember life before the fiasco. At SERVPRO of Norristown, this is the reason we are around here; to help our neighbors return to a protected, typical life as fast as possible. For more data, call us at (610) 272-8520.

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Call SERVPRO to mitigate your smoke damage. | SERVPRO of Norristown

8/26/2021 (Permalink)

Damage caused by smoke Property damage caused by smoke and fire.

Many impacts can spread all through the whole of your Lower Providence Township home get-togethers fire. While our fast reaction to these crises can regularly get control and moderation measures began quickly, frequently extensive inclusion has effectively happened. Manifestations like residue after a fire can be extremely harming from multiple points of view, and surprisingly more terrible for the property holder who endeavors to eliminate it all alone. Our experts have refined hardware and approaches for these results of a fire, in any event, resolving potential issues that could now dwell in your HVAC framework.

There is significantly more to ash expulsion and fire harm cleanup for your Lower Providence Township home than cleaning surfaces and eliminating garbage, residue, smoke, and expected toxins from the space. Our SERVPRO group has broad preparing in fire misfortune recuperation, settling on us a certified decision to help you through each period of reclamation and relief, in any event, offering full-administration remaking and reinstallation of eliminated development materials. Tending to impacts like residue, in any case, requires tolerance and skill.

From the time that our experts initially show up at your home, we work to set up regulation hindrances to forestall the waiting impacts in the house from deteriorating. Ash and smoke buildup can ceaselessly spread, frequently utilizing the HVAC framework, until most of the property becomes influenced. With a quick reaction to fire misfortune crises, plastic sheeting control and trend setting innovation like negative air machines and hydroxyl generators can forestall further openness to new regions.

Eliminating ash that has effectively chosen surfaces requires specific instruments and gear. A powerful HEPA vacuum can assist with eliminating most of this fire harm buildup, leaving limited quantities of sediment on the dividers or surfaces. Without hardly lifting a finger of spreading and staining, our SERVPRO group utilizes compound wipes (either wet or dry) to wipe away these regions cautiously.

There are many strides to completely reestablishing a home get-togethers fire misfortune occurrence, however our SERVPRO of Norristown experts can help. Call us whenever at (610) 272-8520.

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Six Important Fire Prevention Tips | SERVPRO of Norristown

8/15/2021 (Permalink)

fire fighters putting out a raging fire SERVPRO of Norristown specializes in fire damage restoration and reconstruction.

Residents in Norristown and its surroundings should make fire safety their first and foremost priority. The calamity of fire is one of the most terrifying and deadly incidents that can afflict a home. The National Fire Protection Association reports that nearly 365,500 home fires broke out in America in 2015, killing 2,650 civilians and causing more than $7 billion in property damage. 

The home must be meticulously detailed and carefully maintained to ensure that it is safe from fire and other hazards. Let's explore a few effective tips to prevent fire in the home.

Tips to Prevent Fire in The Home

Following are the 6 tips to prevent fire in the home:

  1. Beware of the Fire Hazards in Your Home

There is no way around the oven. However, there may be other things in your home that you should remove or relocate. Do you know that glass decor kept near a window actually absorbs sunlight and magnifies it onto a nearby carpet or curtain? If you don't relocate it, then you are willingly inviting a fire hazard.

  1. Be sure to Examine your Smoke Alarms 

You should examine your alarm system at least once a month. It is also a good idea to replace smoke alarms that are over eight years old. Make sure you have the proper number of smoke alarms, as recommended by the U.S. Fire Administration. Install smoke alarms outside each sleeping area, in every bedroom, and in every level of the entire house (including the basement). Make sure all of them are interconnected for optimal protection.

  1. Become familiar with your Home's Electrical System 

Electricity is an important component of everyday life, but only when it's used correctly. An electrical contractor should inspect your home's electrical work when you are buying or remodeling a home. Next, search for frayed cords and exposed wires. 

Furthermore, if you are experiencing intermittent problems with your circuit breakers, tingling when you touch an appliance, discolored or warm outlet walls, flickering or dimming lights, or sparks coming from an outlet, call an electrician immediately.

  1. Make sure your Heat Sources are Working Properly

Your furnace should be serviced by a professional every year. Identifying any failures could prevent a fire. Do you have a space heater handy to add even more warmth? Avoid placing it near curtains and furniture that might catch fire. An annual inspection of your chimney is necessary if you own a wood-burning fireplace.

  1. Keep Combustible Materials in a Safe Place 

The use of flammable products should always be avoided near heat sources. Make sure you store hairspray, cleaning supplies, and garden tools in a dark, cool place. As a final precaution, gasoline, kerosene, and propane should be stored outside in their original containers.

6. Make sure Potting Soil does not catch Fire

Potting soils contain a lot of peat moss, which can become highly flammable when dried too much. The potting mix also contains shredded wood, bark, and Styrofoam. Additionally, they easily ignite when dry. So, make sure potting soil is not kept near the fire.

In case of a fire emergency, call emergency services. If a fire incident occurs at your home in Norristown surroundings, you can also contact SERVPRO for fire safety and restoration services.

Springtime Backyard Fire Safety Tips | SERVPRO® of Norristown

7/2/2021 (Permalink)

flames and smoke from a bonfire Restoring fire and smoke damage is one of our specialties. Contact SERVPRO of Norristown to learn more.

Winter has passed, and spring is here in earnest. You can feel it everywhere, from the excitement your kids have about the end of school to all the graduation announcements and wedding engagements.

Almost any kind of celebration can be found in backyards across the country right now, because the weather is finally nice enough to enjoy it again.

And what do we do when a group of people gather in the backyard? We barbecue, naturally.

This is the season of the backyard barbecue, and any excuse will do to throw some hot dogs on. But the increase in outdoor social activity also brings with it a rise in the number of accidental fires.

In fact, spring sees more daily fires on average than any other time of year. But with just a few simple reminders, you’ll be ready to have things going safely as you enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of spring.

The grill. The grill takes most of the blame for springtime fires, and it probably should. Think about all the combustibility a grill represents—flame, high heat, grease, maybe even gas. It’s a wonder we’re allowed to use them at all! To operate safely, you need to do a few things. Always check to make sure your grill is working properly, with no leaks or rusted holes. Keep it on level ground, away from leaves, brush or siding. And keep it clean—almost 20% of grill fires are due to poor cleaning.

The fire pit. There’s a lot to be said for an evening around the fire pit. It’s warm, comforting and relaxing all at the same time. And did somebody say s’mores? Just make sure you’re taking precautions. Keep a bucket of water nearby for putting out the fire (slowly, to avoid sending embers flying) and for emergencies. Always keep kids and pets supervised near the fire pit, and never leave the fire burning. And don’t add leaves or pine needles to the flames, or embers are likely to fly.

Chimneys and dryer vents. While your mind is on fire safety, clean out your chimney now that you’re not using it for a while. Get rid of the layers of soot and ash that have built up over the last six months so you have a fresh, non-hazardous fireplace come fall. And go to the laundry room, unhook your dryer’s ventilation pipe and clear it of any flammable lint that may have snuck past the filter.

Your local SERVPRO technicians are on hand 247 for emergencies. If you encounter fire damage at your home or business, no matter the cause, we will be there faster and have it cleaned up sooner. Call or click today and experience the SERVPRO difference.

Steps for Filing a Fire Insurance Claim

7/13/2020 (Permalink)

File your insurance claim

Steps for Filing a Fire Insurance Claim

Commercial property insurance can help you pay for fire restoration and cleanup services. You just have to file a claim and submit it to your insurer. The insurance provider may then send you a proof of loss form. Alternatively, an adjuster may visit your East Norriton, PA, property, and assess the extent of the fire damage. In fact, there could be one adjuster who surveys the structural issues and another who check out the contents of the building.
Before you make your fire claim and welcome the adjusters into your property, there are certain steps you should take. Following the below tips will make the process go more smoothly.

1. Secure the Property
You should leave much of the restoration to the professionals. However, you should take steps to protect your property from further damage. Sealing any broken doors or windows will prevent rain or looters from entering the premises and causing additional harm.

2. Photograph Damaged Items Before Discarding Them
Ideally, you should not throw out any destroyed assets until the adjusters have arrived. Sometimes, however, you may not have a choice. If you do have to discard some items, take video or photos of them to show to the insurance representative.

3. Keep Detailed Records
For your fire claim, you should make a detailed list of the items that were damaged by the blaze. Make sure to collect receipts or other documents that reveal the value of your harmed equipment. If you have to temporarily move your business during the restoration, you should also report any expenses that you incur as a result. Don’t forget to include any fire damage to company vehicles, as well.

4. Stay Connected
The insurance adjusters can't survey your property if they don’t know where you are. Make sure that the insurer has your cell phone number and other additional contact information.
Preparing in advance for the insurance adjuster's visit can expedite your fire claim. This, in turn, will help get your business back up and running more quickly after a blaze.

Our Experts Will Clean, Repair, And Restore Your Fire Damaged East Norristown Home

7/9/2020 (Permalink)

Cleaning And Remediating Fire Damage In East Norristown

With the only body of water nearby the Schuylkill River, East Norristown residents are far more concerned over fires than flooding or any other disaster that might strike their homes. Cleaning up the damage afterward takes a professional service with trained personnel and the right equipment.

The key to remediate fire damage in East Norristown homes is a quick response. SERVPRO maintains a 24/7 operation and can respond within hours or even minutes after that first call. Each response team member is a certified Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Technician (FSRT) who can swiftly assess the situation and start the cleaning process.

First, the FSRT team removes everything from the affected parts of the home. If the property is restorable, it is set aside for team members to clean. For all property too damaged for restoration, they dispose of immediately. These actions clear the home of odor sources and make it easier to inspect the residence for further actions.

Next, SERVPRO teams divide to restore the personal and structural property of the home. Each group has access to a large inventory of cleaners and tools to restore everything from stained drywall and carpets to upholstered furniture and glass windows that survived the heat.

FSRTs start by wiping down all surfaces with dry sponges to remove the top residue layers left by the smoke and soot. If any particles remain, they repeat the action with a cleaning agent as needed. For thicker layers, teams also have access to specially designed vacuums with HEPA filters that catch and remove every bit of residue.

For surfaces like wall framing that absorbed residues and also suffered minor physical damage, technicians use hand or powered sanders. They carefully remove the layers of wood to dig out the residue particles and use more cleaning agents until they risk compromising the structural integrity and have to replace the affected section.

SERVPRO of Norristown is proud to serve our neighbors and the surrounding communities of Lower Providence Township, Trooper, and West Norristown. If you are dealing with the effects of a fire, contact us today at (610) 272-8520 to schedule a service call and start the process to return your home to its pre-fire condition.

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Is Your Space Heater Safe?

6/7/2020 (Permalink)

Never put a space heater in your kids' rooms

When you want to raise the temperature in one room of your house, without cranking up the heat in every room, a space heater can be a great solution. To reduce the risk of a burned space heater, however, you must be diligent when looking for the safest option.

What Safety Features Should You Look For?

Safety Certification - It's critical to choose a space heater that has been awarded a safety certificate from an independent testing organization. Examples include the ETL label from Intertek and the CSA International certification. The certification should be visibly displayed on the packaging.
Sufficient cord - The cord must be sturdy and at least 6 feet long. Never plug the heater into a power strip or extension cord. You could wind up with a burned space heater if it overheats.
Shutoff features - Choose a space heater with a smart sensor that automatically shuts the unit off if it starts to overheat. Another feature you'll want to choose is a tip-over switch, which will turn the heater off if it's knocked over.

What Safety Precautions Should You Follow?

Always set the heater on a surface that is hard, level, and nonflammable. Never place a heater on a table.
Keep the heater 3 or more feet away from any type of flammable material. This includes curtains, bedding, and furniture.
Never use a space heater if gas or paint cans are nearby.
Always turn the heater off before leaving a room.
Never put a space heater in your kids' rooms.
Periodically check the cord for damage or wear.

Smoke alarms must be installed in every bedroom and every level in your home. Test them monthly and replace the batteries every year. If smoke cleanup is required, contact fire damage professional for assistance.
Following these simple steps can protect your home from a potential burned space heater.

We Act Fast In Lower Providence Township After A Fire

2/19/2020 (Permalink)

We have the training, experience, and equipment to restore your home to pre-damage condition after a fire. We are available day or night.

What Happens to Your Fire Damaged Possessions in Lower Providence Township

Having a small kitchen fire may not cause much structural damage, but can create an issue with the strong malodor of smoke. It is not always as easy as pulling out your clothes and washing them to remove the offensive smells.

Fire damage in Lower Providence also means smoke damage. Dealing with smoke often means that you need to remove some or all of the contents within the home and clean them offsite while SERVPRO technicians clean the house using specialized techniques, equipment, and products. When technicians first remove the contents of your home, it can be slightly unnerving to see your things taken away. However, there is a careful process to ensure everything comes back to you cleaned and smoke-free.

During the move-out of your items, SERVPRO fire damage restorers label each piece that remains tagged throughout the entire cleaning process. Technicians bring the items to a secured storage location and place them into an initial staging area where they inventory them and group them by condition and type of items. Common categories are rush items that need to go back to the owner quickly, wet items, large and upholstered items requiring more than one person to care for them, boxed items, and assessment items that require specialized assessment by specialty restorers. Anything contaminated by mold growth or other contaminants is separated to prevent cross-contamination.

There are designated cleaning areas, including the cleaning room, which includes professional cleaning products, good lighting, sinks, and 36-inch tables acting as a clean work surface. Within the cleaning room, there is often a fluff and fold area for laundry. There is also an ultrasonic cleaning room to allow specialized cleaning though ultrasonic machines that agitate items to clean them. There is also an upholstery cleaning area requiring ventilation and clear space, allowing for overspray and wet flooring. Technicians hang rugs here to dry on a rug storage rack.

Technicians clean each item carefully using SERVPRO cleaning guidelines and products. If smoke odors remain after the contents are cleaned, technicians deodorize them further. Ozone is one great way to attack strong smoke odors. They also set up scheduling with specialty restorers such as dry cleaners, furniture refinishers, and document restorers. After restorers finish cleaning and deodorizing, they return the items to the home as long as the house is also clean and deodorized.

For 24/7 assistance after a fire, contact SERVPRO of Norristown at (610) 272-8520.

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We Proudly Serve Lower Providence Township After A Fire Disaster

1/14/2020 (Permalink)

This house fire required professionals and they called our experts right away to restore their home from smoke odors and stains.

Fire Damage Lower Providence Township – Vacating a Structure After a Fire

After a fire, many consumers chose to vacate their homes while the restoration is underway. The odor of smoke may be pervasive in the home. The structure may be damaged. The home may be unsafe for the clients to live in the house. Consumers may find accommodation in local hotels, with friends, or rent a second property until able to return to their homes.

SERVPRO has been restoring homes after fire damage events in Lower Providence Township for many years. Our teams have experience with clients who choose to stay in their homes after a fire or decide to move out. We follow standard precautions to ensure your home is safe and secure while the restoration is underway.

Secure the Building

Boarding up the window and door openings prevent rain and snow from entering the home. Boarding up a home also prevents an intrusion by outsiders while the house is being repaired. We ensure that heavy-duty plywood sheets are used and securely attached to the openings to avoid removal.

SERVPRO also evaluates the structure for loss of integrity or stability. Floor joists and roof trusses are examined and supported if needed. Electrical circuits are verified, and the electricity turned on to enable heating the home, especially in the winter. The water pipes may need to be drained in the winter until the heating system is operational to prevent frozen water pipes.

Minimizing the Damage

In situations where the electricity must remain turned off, all recoverable food items must be removed from the fridge and freezers to prevent damage from food spoilage.

Residues from fire damage can corrode surfaces or discolor many interior items. SERVPRO can wipe down surfaces, including metal, plastic, furniture, fiberglass, faucets, door hardware, lamps, and countertops, to prevent corrosion. We can spray a light coating of lubricant to retard further corrosion until the restoration process can begin in earnest.

Call SERVPRO of Norristown at (610) 272-8520 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Wetherills Corner, Bethel Hill, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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The Best Way to Remove Fire Damage Odors From Norristown Homes

10/28/2019 (Permalink)

Smoke odors travel throughout your home. A fire on the second floor of this home caused smoke to permeate the first floor as well.

Fire Odor Removal Procedures Available In Norristown 

After having a fire in Norristown, there is always the possibility of lingering odors. You’ll need access to a company that can address these odors and make them disappear; “Like it never even happened.” At your local SERVPRO, we have qualified Odor Control Technicians (OCT) that are here to make sure you get the attention and results you deserve. 

Fire odor removal in your Norristown home does not need to be complicated. Here, we present a typical scenario that demonstrates how we address odor situations. We find that it often helps our customers to have a better understanding of the amount of work involved in the services our technicians use to remove odors found on their property. 

Proper Inspection provides SERVPRO technicians with the following information – Light Smoke Odor Situations: 

  • Damage only affects a small area.
  • No structural damage present.
  • The area has light or non-visible smoke residue.
  • Moving farther away makes odors less noticeable. 

Your SERVPRO technician now performs a variety of steps to address any fire odors found within this area, including: 

  • Removing the source of odors (if possible) – Avoiding the disposal of debris until authorized to do so.
  • Ventilate the affected area – We have access to air movers and vent box fans.
  • Clean every surface – Using EPA-registered detergent/deodorant solutions on all surfaces.
  • Ventilate the area again – Performing a reassessment to determine if odors remain.
  • Control vapor odors – Technicians apply Instant Odor Counteractant Beads: Cinnamon (#316) or Instant Odor Counteractant Pellets: Fruity (#307) to all floors.
  • Introduce Thermal fog – Using foggers to dispense heavy fog in the source area, with steady reduction as we approach the outer area.
  • Inspection of pockets of odor – Technicians isolate all crawl spaces, spaces above suspended ceilings, and wall cavities and fog them.
  • Inspection of the HVAC system – If your ventilation system was operating during the fire, technicians place cheesecloth over vents to detect smoke contamination.
  • Optional spot odor checks – We always make sure to address phantom odors and reassess areas with you present. 

With everything here in mind, SERVPRO technicians put an impressive amount of effort into removing light smoke odors from your home. Both moderate and heavy smoke odor situations involve a more intense process designed to address areas with a massive amount of damage and contamination. 

Call SERVPRO of Norristown for access to fire cleanup & restoration technicians 24-7, 365, year-round. (610) 272-8520 

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You Need to Contact Our Specialists if Your Norristown Home Has Experienced a Fire

8/28/2019 (Permalink)

If fire damage happens to your bedroom don't try and clean it up alone. Call SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

Fire Damage in Norristown Bedroom Needs Fast Cleanup

After fire damage happens in a home, all you want to do is get past it and get life back to normal. That cannot occur until the removal of charred items, and smoke odors happen; otherwise, any reconstruction done to the room could emanate residual odors. 

When SERVPRO handled fire damage cleanup in a Norristown bedroom caused by an electrical fire, there were numerous challenges our technicians faced to get the room restored and ready for reconstruction. 

  • Since hot air expands, this action drives soot deeply into porous objects 
  • Paint on the walls has the potential to harbor odor-causing soot sometimes requiring sealing before repainting
  • Depending on the type of residue, dry and wet smoke need different cleaning methods for the best outcome

Due to the nature of the fire caused by an overheated plug, and the subsequent lack of electricity in the home, we brought our own generators to power our equipment. There was a limited amount of water to extract left behind by the fire department when they extinguished the fire, but it did little additional damage. Our moisture detection equipment confirmed no excessive moisture remained after extraction and drying.

We cut away the charred sheetrock and removed the bed. However, the property owner was thrilled to learn our technicians felt his vintage solid iron bed held restoration potential through our proprietary cleaning methods. Much of the bedroom was a fire loss, and everything from the charred carpet to the burned curtains required disposal. 

Although the fire did not affect the clothes in the closet, we recommended the homeowner have them professionally dry cleaned and removed other items for cleaning and disinfection outside of the job site. Then we performed odor treatment applications to ensure the rebuilding of the bedroom occurred; no residual reminders of the fire remained.

SERVPRO of Norristown is ready 24/7 to help local property owners with fire damage cleanup and restoration. Call us at (610) 272-8520, and we arrive within an hour because We're Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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We Are Available 24/7 To Restore Your Lower Providence Township Home After A Fire Damage Disaster

6/19/2019 (Permalink)

Our fire damage professionals are standing by 24/7 to respond to your call. We have the training, experience, and equipment to restore your home.

Removing Soot Effects from Lower Providence Township Homes

Many effects can spread throughout the entirety of your Lower Providence Township home after a fire. While our rapid response to these emergencies can often get containment and mitigation processes started immediately, often considerable coverage has already occurred. Symptoms like soot after a fire can be very damaging in many ways, and even worse for the homeowner who attempts to remove it on their own. Our professionals have sophisticated equipment and approaches for these consequences of a fire, even addressing potential problems that could now reside in your HVAC system.

There is much more to soot removal and fire damage cleanup for your Lower Providence Township residence than wiping surfaces and removing debris, dust, smoke, and potential contaminants from the area. Our SERVPRO team has extensive training in fire loss recovery, making us a qualified choice to help you through every phase of restoration and mitigation, even offering full-service reconstruction and reinstallation of removed construction materials. Addressing effects like soot, however, requires patience and expertise.

From the time that our professionals first arrive at your home, we work to set up containment barriers to prevent the lingering effects in the house from getting any worse. Soot and smoke residue can continually spread, often using the HVAC system, until the majority of the property becomes affected. With a fast response to fire loss emergencies, plastic sheeting containment and advanced technology like negative air machines and hydroxyl generators can prevent further exposure to new areas.

Removing soot that has already settled on surfaces requires specialized tools and equipment. A high-powered HEPA vacuum can help to remove the majority of this fire damage residue, leaving small amounts of soot on the walls or surfaces. With its ease of smearing and staining, our SERVPRO team uses chemical sponges (either wet or dry) to wipe away these areas carefully.

There are many steps to fully restoring a home after a fire loss incident, but our SERVPRO of Norristown professionals can help. Give us a call anytime at (610) 272-8520.

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We Can Help You Avoid The Negative Effects Of Fire Damage In Your Lower Providence Township Home

4/16/2019 (Permalink)

We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster. Call us today at (610) 272-8520 for fire restoration services.

Avoid The Negative Effects Of Fire Damage In Your Lower Providence Township Home Through Fire Restore

The dangers of a fire can continue long after it is put out. Super-heated air causes the greatest threat to the occupants of a building while smoke and soot can ruin the structure and contents. Ash and smoke may also continue to cause corrosion and damage to materials.

To avoid the negative consequences of fire damage in your residence, you should seek fire restoration services in Lower Providence Township immediately. These are special services that make a home safe again after a fire. You can contact the fire restoration experts at SERVPRO to restore your home to its preloss condition. Once we get to a property, we inspect and test the adjoining rooms to determine the extent of the fire, soot and smoke damage, and then develop a plan of action.

Our fire restoration process is thorough. It includes identifying the source to determine which kind of fire occurred, inspecting the areas that are wet due to fire-fighting efforts and evaluating specific materials that may have sustained damage due to soot and smoke particles. We also remove any charred contents that could seal in the smoke like burned wood and insulation, treat the affected areas of smoke smells, and evaluate floor coverings and carpets that may need to be removed.

We also restore contents like furniture, bedding, area rugs, upholstery, and draperies whenever possible. Our technicians can clean the outside cases of electric devices and electronics, to prevent the corrosion that smoke residues can cause. We can also refer your electronics to a qualified electronics vendor to open them up for repairs or cleaning. We also clean some artwork, but a curator should restore expensive pieces.

As IICRC certified fire damage restoration professionals, SERVPRO technicians use advanced processes and equipment to restore homes. We use thermal foggers and Ultra Low Volume (ULV) foggers to remove odors caused by smoke. We seek the source of the smells in floors, walls, ceilings, and other surfaces, and eliminate them. Fire damage restoration helps reduce claim costs.

After your home has sustained fire damage, SERVPRO of Norristown can assist you in restoring it to its normal condition. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster. Call us today at (610) 272-8520 for fire restoration services. We also offer our services in East Norriton and West Norriton.

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When Your Lower Providence Township Home Suffers A Fire Damage Disaster, Call The Experts At SERVPRO!

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You can reach our professionals anytime by calling (610) 272-8520.

Fire Debris Removal For Lower Providence Township Homes

When a fire breaks out in your Lower Providence Township home, it can be overwhelming to consider how your property ever could look the same again. With the stress of the situation, many homeowners drag their feet about securing important fire debris removal and mitigation services which can ultimately save time and money on the needed restoration. Whenever you face a disaster like this, make sure that you reach out to our team of professionals quickly to get restorative services going immediately.

Our team has a 24-hour response to emergencies, making us an excellent choice for mitigation of the fire damage in your Lower Providence Township property. We already have a production truck stocked with all of the industry-leading cleaning and restoration equipment needed to get started on a structure fire recovery. The faster that our team can get to work on your damaged home, the less that certain effects can spread and damage the property and the easier it ultimately becomes to restore your house fully.

When our crew first arrives at your home, and the assessment begins, our estimator and project manager work to catalog the damages for your insurance company. We can compile photographic evidence and documentation of the situation to expedite the approval of damage claims that fund our restoration work to begin right away. During this initial phase, we also work to set up physical and machine containment with the use of hydroxyl generators and air scrubbers to keep soot, ash, debris, and smoke particulates from spreading to new areas of your property.

The physical containment can also prevent foul odors associated with the combustion from spreading throughout your home and affected materials and contents. Some of our team can remove damaged and at-risk items to provide focused cleaning, deodorization, and safe storage until restoration later completes.

Mitigation is an important aspect to fire recovery that should happen immediately. While you might initially become overwhelmed by the effects of a fire, you should work quickly to secure the services of our experienced SERVPRO of Norristown rapid response team. You can reach our professionals anytime by calling (610) 272-8520.

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Effective Ways to Remediate After Fire and Water Damage Affect Your Norristown Home

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Don't be surprised by the necessity to deal with water damage after a fire in your home. Contact our certified team to assess and remediate.

Dealing With the Elevated Humidity That Occurs With Fire Damage in Norristown Properties

After a fire burns in your house in Norristown, you might expect the interior to feel bone-dry. The amount of water vapor in the air can surprise you if you do not expect damp air. While it certainly diminishes over time, this happens slowly. SERVPRO includes the elimination of this water vapor during regular mitigation services.
We always consider the entire project when we mitigate a property, and fire damage in Norristown is a multi-faceted disaster. Not only do we find direct contact between water and your belongings, but the steam ends up all over your home. It travels along with the smoke and then continues to disperse.
Some of the damage happens immediately, including making photographs adhere to the glass in their frames, curling the pages of your books, and soaking your floors, leading to weakened areas. Additional destruction of your property happens when the steam cools and condenses, especially on materials that remain warmer than other items. This can lead to rusting of anything made of metal and staining and color bleeding of household textiles (including upholstered furniture). Metal hangers can ruin otherwise perfect pieces of clothing.
SERVPRO specialists have IICRC training, so we know the importance of ridding your home of not only what the fire consumed and ruined, but to also re-establish normal moisture levels inside your home. Doing so also assists us in eliminating odors caused by the presence of unwanted water. Mold and mildew often proliferate after a fire, but lowering the amount of available moisture halts the growth of microbes.
Our hydroxyl machines make the air inside your home more pleasant for us to breathe as we work, but does nothing to eliminate the amount of water vapor. For this, we need desiccant machines and dehumidifiers. At times, we might need to use heated mats. We also use warmed air that we direct into enclosed spaces.
Once we eliminate the excess water vapor, our Odor Control Technician (OCT) can use thermal fogging to rid your home of smokey odors. Before, the air and your home's structure and contents' high moisture content might interfere with the effectiveness of the chemicals in the fog. As a steam, this fog contains moisture, although in a meager amount.
SERVPRO of Norristown can help resolve the issues of damage from fire, water, and smoke, which can turn any home in Bethel Hill, Evansburg, or Norritonville into a mess. Call us at (610) 272-8520 when you want a team with experience in all aspects of fire damage to restore your home, so it looks “Like it never even happened.”

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Insurance, Fire Damage Cleanup, SERVPRO, and Your Norristown Property--We Make It Easy

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SERVPRO Supplies Cleanup and Support to Norristown Property Owners after a Fire Loss

Norristown Homeowners Rely on SERVPRO for Professional Fire Loss Help

When a fire damage restoration technician approaches your Norristown property for the first time, they should be both professional and courteous, showing sympathy to your situation. It takes someone who demonstrates knowledge and experience, to solve complex problems affecting your home. We offer SERVPRO technicians, in uniform and informed.  

A professional is always ready to address various fire damage situations that might occur in your Norristown area home. Proving on the first visit, that they are there to provide quality services that result in a better restoration from beginning to completion. You deserve nothing less than a well dressed, well-spoken technician who provides you with all of the necessary supplies, equipment, and resources required to get the job done right.

SERVPRO technicians are attentive and provide you answers to any questions you may have throughout the restoration process in your home. We want you to understand the scope of the problem you face and explain what services could be implemented to solve your problems. It is our job to turn a traumatic, stressful situation into something that you understand. Even though it can be hard to do sometimes, we are proud to help members of our local community through hard times.

SERVPRO takes a close look at any fire damage in your home and helps you make informed decisions concerning restoration. At times it may be impossible to determine whether an item is restorable without performing the proper tests. Never write anything off before your technician has the opportunity to inspect it, this includes personal property, valuables, and antiques passed on through the years. If you have an insurance adjuster working on your fire loss case, we consulate with both of you. The final decision on whether an item is non-salvageable when in question, rests with you two, we are not an insurance company.
Contact SERVPRO of Norristown anytime, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week for full-service solutions to fire damage that occurs on your property. Our cleanup and restoration team stands ready to assist you with whatever problems you may face. (610) 272-8520

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Tackling Returning Odors after Fire Damage in East Norriton

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The SERVPRO Green Fleet Remediates Fire-Causing Odors in East Norriton Properties

SERVPRO Strives to Reduce, Then Eliminate Fire and Smoke Odors

Smoke has an odor that can linger long after a fire has been put out and furniture restored. These unpleasant smells can be due to residue left behind in air spaces behind fittings, in between floors or in difficult to reach corners. Smoke travels upward, moving toward any spare airspace and, as it passes through, deposits residue, soot, and possibly toxins from burnt materials.
Humid climates suppress airborne odor molecules which can cause odors to return or become pungent. Homes that have recently fallen prey to fire damage in East Norriton can suffer returning odors due to high humidity levels in the climate. At certain times of the year, humidity can reach as high as 69% or higher. To eliminate odors entirely is not easy but doing the job thoroughly the first time around reduces the risk of returning odors.
There is no mechanical tool to detect odors. Indeed, a pleasant aroma to some can be unbearable to others. That is why SERVPRO communicate directly with homeowners to discover which odors need to be prioritized and eliminated. The process of dealing with smoke odor focuses on finding the source of the odor, which prevents it from returning in the long-term and using chemicals to neutralize smells in the short-term.
At SERVPRO our fire technicians are trained to understand the behavior of smoke. Learning how smoke behaves aids us in predicting where the source of odor can be. In rare cases, the source of odor can reside in tiny air-pockets between floors and therefore be impossible to remove without specialized equipment like hydroxyl generators or industrial fogging equipment, alongside chemical deodorizers to neutralize malodorous particulates.
We have an array of deodorizers to help us work within your requirements. Air Scrubbers with Hepa filters can remove 99.97% of particles in the air. An additional carbon filter focuses solely on capturing odor particles. Air Scrubbers can be particularly useful in private properties because they are safe to use around pets, children or adults. In extreme cases, we may need to use the Ozone machine which use 03 molecules to alter the surrounding environment chemically. Ozone machines can only be used in vacant properties because the gas can be potentially lethal. After half an hour the gas will have dissipated, and your technician can tell you it is safe to return to the property.
The other essential piece of equipment we use is dehumidifiers. Firefighters use chemical or water-based extinguishers to deal with house-fires. These are incredibly effective but can often leave behind excess moisture which then increases room humidity and intensifies odor. Using two types of a dehumidifier, SERVPRO can treat the affected area by lowering humidity levels and reducing the strength of odors.
Lingering smoke odors can be tough to remove, but SERVPRO of Norristown has the equipment and the expertise to help tackle it. Call us at (610) 272-8520 to arrange your next service.

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Understanding the Behavior of Smoke Helps During Fire Damage Restoration in Norriton

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Smoke MItigation and Cleanup Are Vital for Fire Damage Restoration and Odor Control in the Norriton Area

Smoke and Soot Cleanup After House Fires in Norriton--Call SERVPRO

Smoke and soot residues settle on surfaces after a fire damage incident. The removal of these residues is what restoration is all about and understanding the behavior of smoke is so crucial. With such an understanding, it is possible to know where to find the most massive or light deposits and do the cleaning. The degree of hotness of the smoke and the surrounding area determines the extent of damage that your Norriton home is likely to experience.
When your Norriton home property is burning during a fire damage event, the transfer of heat in the structure takes place through convection. It is a process whereby hot air rises as it is being replaced by more dense cooler air. The convection currents are in constant movement, and with time the air around the ceiling area flows downwards and is replaced by the smoke. At SERVPRO, we understand that is how the soot residues end up accumulating around the ceiling area.
When the temperature of the air increases, it also increases the pressure it exerts on the walls. Our SERVPRO team is aware of the free-floating smoke and driven smoke. Free-floating smoke is the smoke which was once pressurized and hot but cooled and lost its force. That means it remains suspended in the building unless the force of gravity forces it to settle on the lower surfaces. On the other hand, driven smoke is the hot smoke which is pressurized.
Soot residues get attracted by colder surfaces as hot smoke tends to migrate to colder areas. Its movement is usually towards the windows, outside walls, unheated rooms, closets, and closed drawers. It explains why you usually see large deposits around the colder areas. Smoke also deposits its residues as it goes around obstructions since they act as filters. The one that travels furthest from the source has fewer residues. Perhaps you have experienced a furnace "puff-back," resulting in spider-like webs of dirty soot in corners of the affected area.
SERVPRO of Norristown is locally owned and operated, and our highly trained technicians offer 24-hour emergency services. Call us at (610) 272-8520 if you want a trusted industry leader to offer you proven restoration solutions.

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How We Help Families After Experiencing Fire Damage In Their Lower Providence Township Home

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SERVPRO wants to help everyone in the Lower Providence Township area by mitigating fire damage wherever it might occur.

How We Help Families After Experiencing Fire Damage

Restoring a home in Lower Providence Township happens because of its importance to the family who lives in it and the neighborhood in which it sits. Its now-dilapidated condition affects everyone in the vicinity.

SERVPRO wants to help everyone in the Lower Providence Township area by mitigating fire damage wherever it might occur. Small fires can still cause extensive amounts of smoke damage inside a structure. This damage can spread to nearby buildings, and also affect the outside of a building near windows and doors as the smoke exits. Large fires can create damaged areas inside a home that leaves it unsafe to enter, even to quickly obtain essential items your family needs while staying in their temporary shelter.

This damage does not always include weak spots in the flooring but can center more on the breathing in of toxic fumes produced by burnt carpeting or other synthetics. Discussing with us such needs to obtain different items to help ease your family's stress load helps us assist you even more. We help families recover from fire damage and other disasters as much as possible and in any manner that can provide our customers with a less painful, complicated experience.

Providing your family with information regarding the repair and restoration of costly electronic equipment, musical instruments, sporting goods, and other items can help keep replacement costs manageable by correctly classifying each one as either restorable but in need of repair or damaged beyond restoration. We understand that some items might hold high sentimental value for your family, even if these items no longer function as they did before the fire.

Ensuring that your home regains its ability to keep your family safe and poses no hazards of its own signifies that we not only re-establish its structural integrity but also clean it of any contaminants from the smoke. Charred materials can expose your family to carcinogens that did not exist before the fire's heat chemically altered different materials present inside your residence. Smoke carries these particles also, requiring us to inspect and clean your home thoroughly. Removing water left behind by firefighters helps protect your home from other possible types of damage related to house fires.

SERVPRO of Norristown's employees receives extensive training which results in their earning IICRC certificates in Fire and Smoke Restoration (FSRT), in addition to many other certificates. Call us at our local number, (610) 272-8520, to reach our 24-hour service line. We can resolve your home's fire damage situation so your family can live in a safe and secure home again.

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Fire Damage Problems in East Norriton

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Heat and flames can leave your home charred and damaged, call the professionals at SERVPRO for expert fire damage restoration.

Call on SERVPRO for Thorough Fire Damage Restoration

There are many elements of a fire that possibly cause problems at your East Norriton home. The excessive heat and flames that come from the blaze often burns and chars building materials and contents requiring removal of the items. Smoke created by the fire flows to other areas of the house and leaves behind pungent odors.

Smoke also leaves soot residues behind on surfaces inside the home. SERVPRO's fire damage technicians in East Norriton have experience in dealing with different types of smoke restoration projects. Many times if the soot residues left behind from a blaze get dealt with appropriately, the residues get cleaned so that the materials do not need to get removed and replaced.

When SERVPRO's restoration technicians first begin a restoration project, we start by removing any materials that get severely burnt or damaged by heat. Next, we figure out the best chemicals and methods to use based on what type of fuels burned and caused the smoke damage. Since heat rises, one of the first sections of your home we inspect are the walls and ceilings.

Soots and soils usually adhere to the ceiling and upper parts of the wall first, then make their way down to lower sections of the walls. Wall and ceiling surfaces sometimes are made of many different materials, and there is a variety of possible textures. We start our cleaning process by pre-test cleaning small sections of an area. By pre-testing, we gain the knowledge of what chemicals and methods work best in each specific scenario.

When pre-test cleaning surfaces we try three different methods and see which one is the most effective. The first method we attempt is dry sponge cleaning. Dry sponges usually work to clean ceilings of all types that have light to medium non-grease-based soiling. Sometimes we pre-clean using dry sponges before wet cleaning begins.

Our IICRC certified technicians use wet cleaning on painted, metal or wood ceilings with heavy dry ash or soot residue or light to heavy oil-based residues. When cleaning acoustical ceilings and other porous and non-porous ceiling surfaces we use peroxide active cleaning. Sometimes wet cleaning can ruin acoustical surfaces, in this case, we use active peroxide cleaning instead.

During most soot cleaning operations, we utilize many different methods to complete the project. For help cleaning soot residues call SERVPRO of Norristown at (610) 272-8520 24/7.

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Recovering Fire Damaged Contents In Your Lower Providence Home

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Big Fires in Lower Providence Need Big Help from SERVPRO for Restoration

SERVPRO Strives to Salvage Your Belongs After Fire & Smoke Damage

One of the most devastating aspects of a fire to your Lower Providence home is the possibility of irreparably damaging the most valuable possessions that you have. Everything from family heirlooms to beautiful furniture is fodder for the flames when you have a substantial disaster. Once the fire is put out, and the damage is getting assessed, you start to wonder what could set your home back to the way it used to be.
Fortunately for you, SERVPRO has a long-standing history of facing up to the most substantial of disasters and restoring homes back to preloss conditions, "Like it never even happened." When it comes to the belongings and contents that you have in your Lower Providence home, damaged by fire and smoke, our experienced team has the tools and experience to work diligently to restore these items as well to the way that they used to be.
One thing that you need to understand, though, is that this is no guarantee. Sometimes the damage is too excessive, leaving nothing left to restore. While we can do little for these kinds of scenarios with substantial damage to specific items, we have found success in restoring even profoundly damaged contents of your home back to their prior conditions with specific equipment and practices.
Assessing the contents of your home is an involved process. Many of the items in your home can get treated on the spot with scrubbers and cleaning solutions. For more extensive damages that our team determines can get successfully restored, the items get moved to a nearby facility where our experienced technicians can utilize more advanced techniques to improve the prognosis of restoration.
Much like cleaning processes for your walls, floors, and ceilings, there are times where the best restoration efforts can only prepare the contents of your home for resurfacing or repainting.
Just because a fire took its toll on your home, does not mean that you have lost everything you held dear inside of it. Our experienced and professional SERVPRO of Norristown restoration specialists can work hard to preserve everything that you hold dear. You can reach our emergency response team 24/7 by calling (610) 272-8520.

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Restoring Upholstery and Furniture After a Lower Providence House Fire

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Remediating fire damage includes dealing with smoke, soot and bad odors. Contact SERVPRO so that we can start the process right away.

SERVPRO Technicians Remediate Damage That Smoke and Soot Leave Behind

A fire to your Lower Providence home might be traumatic and problematic, even long after the fire has gotten extinguished. Though the structural damages might not have been significant enough to force you to relocate, there are still lingering issues that make it difficult for you to move forward and live comfortably in your home. Soot and smoke damage to your furniture and drapes might not be something you initially worried about, but it is a lingering effect that is hard to ignore.
Fire damage to your Lower Providence home happens in a lot of different ways. Fortunately, our team of certified restoration technicians at SERVPRO go the extra mile to ensure that every bothersome effect of the recent fire becomes a distant memory. With the right tools and the experience to use them quickly and efficiently, our team can get to work on restoring the contents of your home to preloss conditions.
When it comes to upholstered items, smoke has a way of sticking into the fabric and emitting a foul odor and discoloring the material. Several tools are used to combat these effects, the first of which would be steam cleaners. This equipment pulls the soot and smoke matted to the material out and restores the original color and vibrancy of the material that became compromised. The process gets repeated for every affected piece of furniture or material, including drapes and flooring.
Removing the odor is another process that our SERVPRO technicians are well-versed in handling. A common concern with fires is the lingering scent of smoke and charring, which can be easily remedied using the appropriate equipment. Depending on the severity of the problem, our SERVPRO restoration specialists could opt to use ozone machines or dense fog machines. Both of these machines work to neutralize foul odor molecules in the air, leaving behind nothing but the scent of fresh air to be doctored as you see fit.
Fire damages do not have to be a death sentence for the contents of your home. Leave the restoration to us at SERVPRO of Norristown. Our complete restoration can exceed your expectations and help you clean up the mess quickly and professionally. Give us a call anytime at (610) 272-8520.

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Why Soot Cleanup Is Important After Fire Damage In Audobon

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Fire carries with it many hazards.

Soot Cleanup

Every homeowner in Audobon dreads the thought of a house fire. Fire carries with it many hazards. The most important risk, of course, is the risk to life and limb. There are also risks associated with soot and smoke damage, which might linger long after the fire service has got the burning under control. Homeowners are frequently left with visibly damaged homes after fire damage. That is where SERVPRO comes in – our IICRC-certified technicians have the skills and equipment needed to clean away the soot.

Soot is a visible by-product of fire damage in Audobon homes. We are all familiar with the black, charred look of a home after a blaze. What many people don't realize is that soot does not only appear unpleasant – it can be damaging to your home, too. Soot is a by-product of fire and is caused by incomplete combustion of materials. Soot and smoke contain many substances, some of which are corrosive.

The dangerous chemicals present in soot and smoke have the potential to damage items in your home. For example, iron is at risk of rust after exposure to fire hoses, and when you add the chemicals of smoke to the mix, there is an even higher risk of corrosion. Smoke enters electronic equipment and causes damage to the inner workings. Even woodwork can lose its integrity due to the effect of smoke and soot.

There is a psychological aspect to it – the sight and scent of smoke damage are very distressing to anyone who survives a home fire. Swift cleanup helps sooth the stress and restore the home, so it feels livable again.

SERVPRO is on hand to help with fire damage cleanup. We use a range of scrubbing and wiping actions to remove black residue. We also use air scrubbers, thermal fogging, and even ozone machines to banish that lingering smoky smell. We leave no nook or cranny unchecked in our aim to restore your home and ease your worry.

For help with fire cleanup in Audobon, Bethel Hill, Evansburg and surrounding areas, call SERVPRO of Norristown at (610) 272-8520 for assistance today.

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Fire Damage Cleanup in Lower Providence Township

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SERVPRO uses professional grade equipment to eliminate odors left behind from a fire in your home.

Professional Cleaning Equipment for Fire Damage

Most fires do not destroy a home. They do not even cause structural damage for the most part. The majority of the restoration costs to a homeowner normally come from the odors that burned material leaves behind in the air and on the structural and personal property.

Odors are the most lingering and hardest to remove part of fire damage to a home in the Lower Providence Township. It is more time-consuming and takes special skills and tools not normally found with a general contractor or other clean-up agencies. SERVPRO maintains an extensive inventory of cleaning equipment and a first-class training program with access to a nationwide network of both when needed. The following are just a sample of what we bring to every home:

Injectors – When it comes to small amounts of odor-causing stains on a piece of furniture or rug, technicians use these commercial grade pumps for the job. They use them with large needles to inject a deodorizing agent directly into the affected area. We prefer using this technique instead of sending a chair or sofa to be reupholstered.

Ozone Machines – Oxygen molecules are forced by this device to react with odor-causing molecules in the air. The action oxidizes the molecules, removing the odor. The process is extremely efficient in removing odors but requires our technicians to wear protective gear. It is dangerous to people, pets, and items containing natural rubber. Once we have finished, the ozone gas generated converts back to oxygen in a short time.

Pressure Sprayers – These devices spray deodorizing agents and other chemical cleaners at a rate of 50 psi. Our IICRC-certified technicians apply them directly on structural property, fabrics and most carpets that have heavy amounts of odor-causing smoke and soot residues.

Ventilation Fans – We start the process of removing odors with these. Depending on the size, the devices move up to 5000 cubic feet of air per minute. They serve a double purpose because in addition to removing odorous air, they also effectively ventilate a home and dry surfaces still damp from the water used to extinguish the fire.

Our goal with every house fire is to return your home to its preloss state. That includes making certain the air reminds everyone only of life before the disaster. At SERVPRO of Norristown, this is why we are in this business; to help our neighbors return to a safe, normal life as quickly as we can. For more information, call us at (610) 272-8520.

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SERVPRO Has The Right Equipment To Deodorize After Fire Damage In Norristown

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SERVPRO Skilled Techs and Equipment Restore Fire & Smoke Damaged Homes in Norristown

Odor Removal from Fire & Smoke Damage by SERVPRO

Smoke odors are a lingering after effect of fire damage. Even after your home has been restored, thoroughly cleaned, and made safe to live in once more, you might notice a stubborn smoky smell. Smoke odors are particularly unpleasant because they provide a reminder of the fire and the stress and fear of dealing with the blaze and its aftermath.

SERVPRO understands the importance of getting rid of the smoke smell that hangs around after fire damage to a Norristown home. That is why odor removal is a vital part of our fire remediation process. In most cases, we handle odors using one of two machines: An ozone machine or a hydroxyl generator.
An ozone machine generates ozone for sterilization and deodorization. Think for a moment about the oxygen you breathe. It has two oxygen molecules. Ozone, however, has three oxygen molecules. Sometimes you smell it after a thunderstorm – it causes that fresh post-rain smell that so many people love.
Ozone has important deodorizing properties. An ozone machine works by using either ultraviolet light or a high voltage applied to a metal grid to produce ozone and distribute it throughout the area.
Ozone is a powerful deodorant. It works quickly and then fades just as quickly, leaving the house fresh and the odor eliminated for good. However, ozone is not safe for use around pets, plants or people, which is why we usually only use ozone machines in situations where your home is empty during the remediation process, or where it is not too inconvenient for you to leave it for a short period.
There is an alternative to ozone where it is not safe or convenient to use it: Hydroxyl Generators. Hydroxyl radicals are naturally occurring elements that are produced when sunlight interacts with water vapor in the air. Hydroxyl radicals react with other molecules, including odor molecules, and destabilize them. That is why some people call hydroxyl radicals “nature’s deodorant.”
Hydroxyl Generators use UV light to produce hydroxyl, which is then used to deodorize your home. The effect is swift and permanent, and the generator is safe for use around people, plants, and pets.
You can rely on SERVPRO to assess the situation and choose the most efficient remediation method for your home, with an eye on safety at all times.
If you need help removing smoke odors from your home, call SERVPRO of Norristown at (610) 272-8520 today.

Norristown is right here.