Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Water Damage Restoration and Repair in Norristown, PA

Water Damage Restoration and Repair in Norristown, PASERVPRO of Norristown has a highly trained staff and access to top of the line equipment to get the job don... READ MORE

Water Damage – Norristown Home

Water damage struck this Norristown home when a portion of the roof of the house was ripped away by high winds that accompanied a strong band of thunderstorms t... READ MORE

Water Damage Repair In Norristown

The team at SERVPRO is ready 24/7 and will arrive at your water damage emergency quickly. Our water restoration process includes inspection and damage assessmen... READ MORE

Water Damage - Norristown Condominium

Water damage occurred at this Norristown condominium when a kitchen water line burst. The residents were not home when the damage occurred, so there was a great... READ MORE

Water Damage Cleanup In Norriton

Our team at SERVPRO of Norristown responded to a water damage emergency at a property in Norriton. A therapy pool broke, and water went everywhere. Significant ... READ MORE

Water Damage – Norristown Home

Water damage at this Norristown house damaged the walls and flooring. SERVPRO of Norristown was contacted to clean up the water. This was considered an emergenc... READ MORE

Lower Providence Township Water Leak

The water supply line running through the attic of this home in Lower Providence Township resulted in the water damage depicted in the Before Photo. The water s... READ MORE

Norristown Water Damage to Stairs and Floors

The ruptured plumbing line soaked the hardwood flooring and the stairs of this Norristown home. The water wicked into the risers and slats and also the planks o... READ MORE